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Shadowgun War Games |Review

Shadowgun War Games is supposed to be mobile’s answer to Overwatch, but the problem with copying another developer’s game wholesale is that you have to absolutely nail it. Or, at the very least,

PUBG Mobile Tips For Better Sniping

PUBG Mobile is a game that has surprised the world. The game has a great many players around the world, and the player base continues expanding. The principle explanation for the game's crazy fame is

Predator: Hunting Grounds | Review

Deliberate or not, a great deal of computer game heroes are presumably founded on the Predator. This is an irate, 80s space outsider structured with the sole motivation behind looking very cool to a

Gears Tactics | Review

Bloody sci-fi shooter series Gears of War and the term “tactics” may not seem like natural bedfellows, given that these games are best known for their macho space soldiers and chainsaw machine guns.

Resident Evil 3 | Review

Among the adjectives applied to the Resident Evil games over the franchise’s 20-year history of frenzied zombie-slaying, we perhaps never expected to find the words “relevant” or “instructive”.

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