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Before you buy: Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Single Player Campaign


COD: Modern Warfare has best campaign in 2019

Developers took a detour to develop subsidiaries like Black Ops, Ghost, but none match the glory of the campaign of Modern Warfare.

  • Story
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay

Every year whenever E3 rolls by, gaming representatives, big or small, form all over the world gather to meet their fans and players first hand. This is the platform where ideas are shared and all that is to come in the year is discussed. Every year has their talking points: 2018 had God of War 4 and 2019 had Cyberpunk 2077. However, the one game that caught everyone’s eye and got all the First-Person Shooters hyperventilating was when Infinity Ward announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.

Everyone was losing their marbles on this announcement. Rightly so, as there has been no FPS in the franchise which has been able to match the gameplay. Modern Warfare was released in 2007. Since then two more games under the same name were released, last of which as in 2011.

In the following, we will be looking into the single-player campaign mode of the recent MW installment. We will be focusing on all the attributes, new and old, and all that the player will have to look forward to. Switch to night mode, and get ready to go dark, as we dive right into it.

Sticking to Basics

The best way to make sure that a franchise does well and remains a favorite is to play to your strengths. Which is why McDonald’s is never going to take fries off the menu. In the case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has remained true to the gameplay for which the franchise is known for since 2007. They have still kept it Modern, as the game suggests, but it is still very close to real warfare.

A little touch of Reality

In order to give the game a little more flare, the developers heavily relied upon their military consultants who even took some of the creators to a gun range to better understand weapon mechanics and real-life tactics used by special ops units.  The developers got a better feel for the weapons and these changes are felt in the game. Other than the flinch and blood-spatter after getting shot, standard for COD, they have also added a THUD sound, the sound lead makes when hits a Kevlar vest or pierces flesh. It will make you wince now and then. The shell shock from an explosion is depicted real enough to cause some sort of concussive effect.


To keep things a little more to the nostalgic side the franchise brought back the mustachio military dad Capt. Price back to the fold. He is the one who helps Garrick (which is you) help stop a terrorist plot. The storyline is very beautiful done and is almost as good as that of the first Black ops game. Other than the SAS (Price and Garrick’s unit), you also play as Alex, a CIA agent, helping the siblings Farah and Hadir. Lead the revolution to push Russia out of their fictional hometown of Urzikstan. Though Price and Garrick feel like the lead in this movie. As the game progresses its more evident that Farah is our protagonist.

Missions and Gameplay

Most of the missions in the game have a similar feel to how the earlier games used to be played out. With the new, more military precise approach to production however gives new life to the already nearly perfected gameplay.

 In one of the first missions ‘Cleaning House’. Price leads a team of SAS operatives through a house of terrorists in a London neighborhood. The mission is played out in the dark with your night vision and suppressors on. Every movement and command depicted is very close to a real-life sweep. If a room is not cleared or corners not checked correctly, it may cost you your life.    

To play on the nostalgia of the veterans and to give a taste to the newcomers, there is a mission here. Where Price does a two-man op in his ghillie suit. The players of the remastered version would love the character suiting up again. Even the players of MW3 will get a taste of the Chernobyl mission ‘One Shot, One Kill’.