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Before You Buy: Marvel’s Avengers

Following the manageable beta of Marvel’s Avengers, the latest superhero title, we spent a week with Thor, Iron Man, and his superhero friends in the complete version. We’re going to let you know if it’s worth purchasing.

The game left mixed feelings in the beta test shortly before the release of Marvel’s Avengers. For almost a week now, the latest superhero game has been available and we can now draw our first conclusions about the game.

Test of Marvel’s Avengers: Kamala Khan Steals the Show

Avengers Kamala

It will disappoint those who had hoped to enjoy a reunion with the well-known MCU actors. The Avengers in the game, as we know them, are still the Avengers who save the planet together, but the gameplay falls short of being heroic. Marvel’s Avengers is a live service game that will be updated in the style of games such as Destiny or Warframe progressively over the years with new content.

Story Mode 

The story campaign is focused around Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), the young Avengers fangirl who reunites the heroes to save the earth. This is all fairly predictable, on the one hand, but we like the story campaign very well, on the other hand. In a humorous and thrilling way, Khan’s transition from a fan to a true Avenger is portrayed. A likable main character who is a breath of fresh air has been developed by the developers.

The reaction of Kamala to meeting her idols for the first time is depicted well. If the God of Thunder or Black Widow were suddenly standing before us, we would certainly respond in the same way.

An Unfinished Action Game of Superheroes  

The core gameplay really hasn’t changed too much relative to the beta, as concisely as the campaign is described. We fight our way through tiny robot opponents with Kamala or the familiar faces of the Avengers before the buttons on the controller glow from mashing them.

Thanks to their varying talents, the heroes play very differently. With her grappling hook, Black Widow plunges into chaos, Thor hurls his mighty Mjölnir hammer and Iron Man flies through the air. It is great fun to have nimble close and long-range fighting talents and brute-force combos.

Avengers by Marvel Captain America

There are several reasons, however, why Marvel’s Avengers received mixed beta test results. Numerous minor bugs and errors suck the joy out of the game, aside from graphical mistakes and frame drops. In places-even after more than three years of the creation, the title seems simply unfinished.

The frequency of the errors attests to the incomplete state of the game. Even in the final edition, almost all the quests you go on feel the same way. The most sobering thing is the mission design.

Marvel’s Avengers drops us into an open area where, before the game sends us into an enemy base, uninspired level designers have distributed a few building blocks, loot boxes, or side tasks to kill time. We fight our way through corridors here that are always the same and that lack any real detail. We then hit the target of the actual mission. This formulaic gameplay just doesn’t inspire you to continue playing the game.

Grinding Endgame and Co-Op Mode 

We’re busy collecting new gear for our heroes all the time in the best Loot Shooter fashion. They have marginally better stats on paper, but it doesn’t seem like our hero gets stronger in any way while in use. Not to mention, when used, they do not impact the appearance of our heroes.

Talking about optics. Graphically, between spectacular and a complete disaster, Marvel’s Avengers periodically fluctuates. The lighting effects and models of characters do look chic. The biggest concern, however, is the normal frame rate drops-in certain places, when there are a large number of enemies on the screen, it goes down to 20 FPS.

But still, at times, the Avengers game is extremely enjoyable. In fact, in co-op mode online. There’s literally nothing better than plowing through hordes of enemies with friends and unleashing powerful special abilities, as boring as the fights and missions might be.

This Verdict

The last iteration of Marvel’s Avengers somehow feels like an unfinished game. It may be that in the future the game will develop and build on its errors in future updates. But for the release, after such a long development time, the makers should have produced a more refined game.

The enjoyment of the game is ruined by technological glitches, multiple bugs, mistakes, and occasionally heavy frame rate drops. Also, the bland gameplay and repetitive mission design make things no better. But in co-op mode, Marvel’s Avengers shows its promise. We can only assume that Crystal Dynamics works hard in the background on fresh material, otherwise, we will deal with Anthem v2

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