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Best Apple Arcade Games | 2019

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple is one of the biggest tech company which exists in the 21st century and they have been able to maintain this status from right out the gate. They have pioneered almost all sectors entertainment technology and it was about time that they start a serious venture into the gaming sector.

They have finally made their first attempt into the gaming world with the introduction of Apple Arcade. This video game subscription platform was first announced in March of 2019 and has been active since 19 September 2019.

Subscription for Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a video game subscription platform where the user can enjoy 100+ games which include some new and exciting games along with a few oldies. The platform allows the player to transfer their game progress from one device to another and is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. To give the user un-interrupted gaming time, the subscribers will not be put through watching ads and will not be put through any in-app purchases. The player’s privacy is completely protected, if they choose to do so, by not letting the platform track your gameplay and/or behavior.   

Top 10 Games for Apple Arcade

1.     Sayonara Wild Hearts

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Sayonara Wild Hearts is the perfect example of a wild and colorful dream come to life. The game is described as a pop-album video game, an unheard genre of gaming, and has already caught a lot of attention due to its graphics and story plot.

You play as the Fool, a woman who has gone through some serious heartbreak. A few omnipotent beings charge her with the task of bringing balance back to a chaotic world. The game has a Temple Run type feel to it but in a 3D format.

2.     Assemble with Care

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Ustwo, creators of one of the biggest mobile games in recent years Monument Valley, have delighted us yet again with another one of their masterpieces. Assemble with Care, just like its predecessor, is very visually satisfying to watch all thanks to the beautiful graphics.

The player takes his role as Maria, an antique restorer back to her home town Bellariva from a vacation. The game is a very tactile puzzle game. Like Maria, you will be brought various items by the locals. You must take these items apart and do whatever is necessary to make the items work again.   

3.     Grindstone

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Grindstone is Capy’s attempt on a new take on games like Candy Crush. There is nothing out of the world new about the gaming style, but the use of cartoonish graphics and characters, along with the use of little more blood than usually acceptable has somehow given this game some edge.

You play JORJ, a hulking Viking who dreams of living in a warmer climate but can’t afford it. He must work as a creep exterminator in the Grindstone mines to make the money required. It is a puzzle game with more color and entertaining, sometimes funny, gameplay.

4.     Sneaky Sasquatch

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There is no creature sneakier than a Sasquatch or as it is commonly known as the Big Foot. Ever since the first hunkering picture in 1967 people have been looking for this beast. Seems like the developers at RAC7 games have found him and created a game surrounding his lifestyle.

In Sneaky Sasquatch, you play the role of a sasquatch and go with him on a journey of finding food from other campers’ picnics, evade the nosey park ranger and with the help of his friend the Racoon, save the park from hazards. The game has an open world feel to it which is very refreshing for a mobile game.  

5.     Super Impossible Road

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There are many fast-paced games out there where one must go through an obstacle path at high velocity. Super Impossible Road is another addition in this genre and it advertises exactly what it is made of. The game puts a new feel to the genre and seems like an attempt by Rogue Games to bring a console-like feel to Apple.

You are a pilot in a somewhat futuristic society. You must ride the unicycle like a vehicle on a track with many sharp twists and turns. Try to stay on the track, or don’t, as the pilot has an option to teleport back to the previous checkpoint if off the track. One can jump off the track to the next turn to gain time advantage. However, make a mistake and you end up falling into the abyss known as space.  

6.     What the Golf

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The name of the game, What the Golf, is probably what you will be saying 4 holes into the game. The game has so much golf in it that one may think that you may lose interest eventually, but you just keep swinging. This could be because of the wacky gameplay that the developers have created.

What Golf? has very simple controls and rules. The controls are as simple as tap, pull and release. Conventional golf will have you put a ball in the hole. Here, however, it could be your golf club or the entire clubhouse that needs to be put in a hole. The game is so weird and wacky that it keeps you entertained to the end.

7.     Card of Darkness

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Card of Darkness is a game that sprung from the beautiful minds of Zack Gage and the artist behind the hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward. The game has the artistic feel of Adventure Time but plays out as a game that requires an acute sense of risk management and strategy.

You must go through a field of cards and make it to the set of stairs at the end to make it to the next store. You must choose the cards carefully. Though some of them help you like give you gold or weapons, some have rocks behind them which reduces your health.  

8.     Oceanhorn 2

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Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm was the biggest launch which had people excited for Apple Arcade. The game’s developers Cornfox & Bros. have created a game that takes the player on a voyage. A game with such a large and exciting plot has not existed for a platform like iOS yet.

The game revolves around the downfall of Arcadia. In this role-playing oriented game, the player takes the role of a Knight who must go on a journey to gain strength and the skills necessary to defeat the evil Warlock Mesmeroth and defeat his dark army. The game has a very Zelda feel to it and is full of original folklore and mythology.   

9.     Exit the Gungeon

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Exit the Gungeon is the second installment and sequel to 2017 Enter the Gungeon by Dodge Roll. The game has stayed true to its original gaming structure which made the first one such a hit. The storyline remains pretty much the same with a few newly added nuances.

As the player, you have entered the Gungeon, a fortress at the top of which there is a gun that has the power to kill in the past. You must survive through randomly created levels long enough to make it to the end. As you kill through each level you earn credit which can be used to buy better weapons.

10.  Mutazione

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Mutazione is a new take on adventure games and is best suited for people who like starting and playing a game through all the way to the end. The game has a very beautiful narrative that suits an animated art film like My Neighbour Totoro.

In the game, you play Kai, a city girl who gets a letter from her estranged grandfather asking for her to visit him on an island. The island is now inhabited with a mutated and conscious plant life.