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Best Apps for Stream via Mobile


Best Apps for Stream via Mobile

You can easily use these apps for excellent streaming but remember you have to have good internet speed.

  • Omlet Arcade
  • Nexplay
  • Nonolive
  • Streamlabs
  • Mobcrush

Social Media is one of the biggest networks of people in today’s time which gives them a platform to share their views and ideas with the public. It did not take time for content developers to take upon the opportunity and use social media to build their visibility.

Streaming, where users can upload videos in real-time, has become the new form of content sharing and has gained much popularity amongst gamers. Today there are many platforms available for gamers to upload live videos of them going toe-to-toe with gamers all around the world.

In recent years we have seen a shift in the gaming community as gamers have become more partial to gaming on their phones. Though it started out slow and small, the mobile gaming industry has boomed in recent years with games like PUBG and Call of Duty. There was suddenly a need for a solution to streaming using your phone. The following are some of the applications which could help gamers stream using their mobile phones.

Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is one of the most well-known platforms available to live stream using your phone. The application has all the necessary tools which an avid gamer may require to have a great streaming experience. Omlet Arcade is known for having a well designed and highly interactive chat platform and very easy uploading facility, letting the user focus completely on their gaming. This one platform can help you upload your stream on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.


Nexplay Game Streaming app

Even though some of the largest gaming community is accumulated on the eastern side of the globe, there is a lack of mobile streaming platforms in these countries. As a solution to this problem, a local Singapore tech company has come up with Nexplay. This streaming platform has been designed to provide pure game streaming opportunities to mobile game players. The application is also known for regularly streaming Esport tournaments which take place all over the world. Along with letting you stream on various platforms, the application also has an in-app donation system to help gamers make some money.


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Nonolive Live Streaming App

Nonolive is a live streaming application for mobile phones which has made it easier to stream from anywhere on the planet. The application first became popular amongst users who were into the traditional live streaming platforms. However, the application comes with a screen projection option which the gamers later took good advantage of. Today games like PUBG, Free Fire and Call of Duty are regularly streamed using this application.



Most of the applications mentioned so far were developed in order to give some of the secluded gamers of the world a platform to use for streaming. Streamlabs, however, is in a completely different league of its own as it is also one of the preferred platforms for streaming games in the more developed regions of the world. What made Streamlabs famous amongst gamers is the OBS tech that they inducted into their application. It is a format that the developers have created to reduce CPU usage and provide gamers with video preview, dashboard and chat window capability all in one place. Just like every other application here, Streamlabs gives the opportunity to stream on various platforms like YouTube and Twitch and has a very simple and friendly user interface.


Mobcrush Game Streaming app

Mobcrush is a multi-platform streaming application designed specifically for the gaming community. When first introduced the application cost about $3.99, but the developers later made it a free application for everyone to use. Those who bought the application never regretted it and believed it to be worth the money. Mobcrush lets you stream your games in toe resolutions: 720p and 420p. The application will give you an option to record or stream before you begin. A small M icon comes at the bottom left corner which, when tapped on, will reveal a drop-down bar from where certain settings of the application can be manipulated.

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The gaming industry has seen much growth ever since they decided to develop more engaging games for the platform. Even though we are in the beginning stages of mobile gaming, soon tech industries will like to get in on the action which will increase the number of mobile streaming platforms available to us.  

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