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Best Free Mac Games 2019

If you are a professional with a mac and feel like playing games at times but also don’t want to spend money on buying games then you are at the right spot! we have listed down some fantastic games that can help you stay safe from boredom and they won’t even cost you! So, let’s get started.

1) Fortnite: Battle Royale


As of now, Fortnite is the hottest game across most platforms. What has made this game catch the imagination of the gaming enthusiasts is the extremely engaging gameplay.

All players have to fight for survival in a battle royale, the genre Fortnite follows. And the one who succeeds in eliminating everyone else becomes the last one standing.

Along the way, players have to collect strong gear and gather all the pivotal sources to stay in the hunt. They also need to build covers to shield themselves from the brutal attack of their rivals. Moreover, it also offers the option to squad up with friends to stay ahead in the deathmatch!

2) Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the storm

This game is very exciting and is a must for the folks who thrive for epic battles. In this game, you’ve to play the role of a charismatic savior and battle against the evil forces to restore peace in the world.

At each step, you’ll have to encounter massive challenges as your enemies are not just lashed with deadly weapons but also have mighty power. So, you’ve got to be one step ahead of their evil strategy.

What can keep you going for long is your team of strong players? Therefore, don’t forget to join forces and cash-in-on every opportunity to grab all sorts of goodies to empower your might.

3) Gods Of Drifting

gods of drifting

Gods of Drifting is poised to take you for a long wicked fast racing spree. Remember, this car racing game is slightly different from many of its counterparts. So, it will involve some learning curve initially.

However, once you have got the better of the tricks, overkilling every mission coming your way won’t be too far ahead. Race on 30 world-class tracks and achieve the best time.

Oh yeah, keep your one eye at the leaderboard as you’ve to let everyone know how good you are at handling the hypercars!

4) Township: Farm & City Building

Township: Farm & City Building

Have a liking for city-building and farming? If so, you will really enjoy having a go at Township.

Give your best effort to harvest tons of crops and perfectly process them at your fully equipped facilities. Sell your goods and also trade them astutely to earn a lot of money.

Create a huge zoo by collecting animals from around the world. And once your bank abounds with plenty of dollars, start building an amazing town. And yes, use great landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben to decorate your town.

5) 2048 Game

2048 game

2048 game is an iconic puzzle game. And you’ve got to give it a shot to believe why it’s so intriguing.

As for gaming, it’s quite straightforward as you just have to press the arrow keys in the preferred direction like up/down/left/right to move the tiles. They will merge only when the two tiles of the same number match. So, keep pressing the arrow until you’ve hit the jackpot!

6) Contract Killer 2

Contract killer 2

Time to embrace the role of a notorious contract killer! Sneak into the territories of your enemies and shoot them out before anyone can even blink the eyes–let alone discovering who killed them.

To perfect long-range assassinations, make the best use of scopes and silencers. To execute melee attacks flawlessly, take advantage of the cover and stealth.

The game offers a lot of unique challenges to test your skill and also keep you engrossed. And yeah, you also earn pretty special titles, badges, and rewards in return.

7) Fishdom


Ever wished to have a wonderful aquarium? Fishdom is what you need to have to not only explore the aquatic world but also be friends with the amazing 3D fish.

Fishdom has got a number of match-3 puzzle levels to push your cognitive skill to the sternest test. But don’t worry, you will relish the encounter as the gameplay is fun-loving.

Beyond solving riddles, you will also get a chance to decorate your dear fish and offer them all the care they truly deserve.


Starcraft 2

STARCRAFT II is a classy strategy game. The best part about it is the amazing intergalactic warfare where you’ve to put your fighting skill on full display.

With the cut-throat multiplayer competition, you will have to plan a killer strategy and execute it perfectly to grab the victory. The game provides a ton of customization options so that you can bolster your arsenal to rule the galaxy.

The collaborative co-op missions are thrilling and I’ve relished every bit of them. Hopefully, you will also love going after them!

9) Homescapes


What if I told you that your home is itself a puzzle and you’ve to solve all the conundrums that reside here? Meet Homescapes to take on puzzles in an amusing way.

In this game, there is a person called Austin who has an uphill task of decorating the entire house. And you have to help him in swapping and matching pieces so that everything looks in the Apple-pie-order.

Watch how each character goes about their business and also interact with them. Did I mention, there is also a naughty pet to spoil the whole thing.

10) World of Tanks Blitz MMO

World of Tanks Blitz

What happens when the dreading war triggers? Well, it’s nothing but the apocalypse takes center stage.

World of Tanks has earned a lot of praise for being a robust MMO (massively multiplayer online) game. And looking at more than 300 destructive tanks, I can safely say that it can liven up your penchant for war games.

There are 26 battle arenas where players have to encounter endless obstacles posed by rivals. They can build clans to attack in a pack and also use the in-app chat to coordinate each one of their moves.

11) Top Speed

Top speed

As car racing is my penchant, Top Speed has charmed me no end. The game has got a pretty solid collection of 69 cars. From stock rides, dragsters to police vehicles, it has got you fully covered.

With plenty of tuning and customization options at the disposal, you can customize your speeding car to look stand out. You get a chance to race in five city districts. Since each one of them is unique, you will never want to take your paddle off the gear.

What’s more, there are also (you guessed it) police chases to test your adrenaline.

12) Fistful of Frags

Fistful of Frags

Simply put, Fistful of Frags is a top-notch first-person shooter for Mac. Set in the American Wild West, this shooting game can become enormously addictive. So, you don’t get completely entangled into the long shooting spree!

One of the highlights of this game is several modes. Therefore, based on your mood you can choose from a single player mode or get into the multiplayer mode.

If you love intense gaming, try your hands in battle royale mode and the team-based deathmatch. I’ve also found the team elimination and the 1v1 dual modes very impressive.

13) League of Legends

League Of Legends

League of Legends is the sort of game that can easily find a permanent slot in your favorite roster. It’s basically a multiplayer online battle arena game where two teams of 5 players have to battle against each other.

Packed in with over 137 champions, you’ve got the luxury to choose the most powerful champs who can win the epic battles for you. As each fighter is unique, has a special ability and designed for a different role, choose it at the right time and use it perfectly to crush the nexus of your opponents.

That’s not all, League of Legends has multiple modes so that boredom never creeps in to spoil your fun-filled gaming.

14) Basketmania


It’s not the most visually amazing game, but Basketmania is a giggle to play. Use the dots to line up the beginning of a trajectory and fling the ball. It’s easy to pick up but soon starts to offer a more challenging experience.

15) DOTA 2

Dota 2

Defense Of The Ancients – aka DOTA – and its sequel, DOTA 2, were among the key games that started the MOBA genre of online strategy games a few years ago. Even today, Valve claims that DOTA 2 is the most played game on Steam. Unfortunately, the Mac version of DOTA 2 was, shall we say, a bit erratic, and it took quite a while to come up with a stable and reliable version.

The current version works perfectly well, though, and the age of the game means that you don’t need a super-powerful Mac to run it. However, DOTA 2 is quite a complex game, with dozens of hero characters that you can choose to play, each with their own weapons and powers that can affect your style of play. Fortunately, the current version does include an improved tutorial to help you get started, and if you stick with it then DOTA 2 will provide endless hours of challenging strategy action.