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Best Game Streaming Setup in India

In recent years with the development of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it has become easier for the people to share their views and ideas to gain popularity, start a career or just find people with the same interests to share their content with. Off of all the content creators that are out there, Gamers have really been able to take advantage of these platforms.

The one format that has become very famous with the gaming community is the Live Stream. With live streaming, gamers can upload their content in real-time, letting their viewers and followers get a taste of the action while they are playing. Live streaming is a great option for content sharing in today’s time, especially due to games like CS: GO and COD: Modern Warfare 2019 which provide.  

There are many advantages of streaming live other than getting to meet people. Live streamers, if good at their craft and with a wide reach, are able to come in the sights of companies who would love the opportunity to endorse them. This is a great way to make a career out of something that may have started off as a hobby and may help you make some serious money too.

Though streaming is not rocket science and everyone can do it with a decent setup, we here would like to help you by providing some tips which can help you really raise your level. Let’s look into the best streaming setup one can create in India.

Choosing a Platform

Twitch is one of the famous game streaming platforms

Ever since live streaming became the most hyped format of sharing one’s content every social media platform found a way to inculcate it as one of the options available to its users. YouTube was one of the first ones to start with this format and then everyone took the cue to follow their lead.

Their platforms like Twitch are puritans and only provide live streaming services.  Most gamers use Twitch are very satisfied with the services. Unfortunately, the services are not available to the Indian users yet. Facebook, other than its standard streaming, has launched a gaming video platform to come in competition with Twitch.

YouTube is the old faithful that we can all rely upon when it comes to streaming services, live or otherwise. This is the most famous platform available to Indian gamers out there. Players like Mortal, the famous Indian PUBG Mobile player, found their initial fame on YouTube.   

Whichever streaming platform you finally decide on make sure they have checked off everything in your list because switching later is a hassle.

Plan your Content

Plan your content before hand

People think PewdiePie is the YouTuber with the largest fanbase because he just posts gaming videos, but that is not true. One must understand that no matter how good is the content that you are planning to provide your viewers, if it lacks variety and freshness then the number of followers starts to drop very quickly.

Most content developers who have made a name for themselves, live stream or otherwise, have all been because they understood the need for great content. There are tens of thousands of people online live streaming their CS: GO games, but all of them do not have the following that the top players have.

Many players, other than doing their live streams, like to do other videos like showing off their highlights from the game that they have played. To keep things light, they would also produce a video just of the game bloopers to give the viewers a little bit of laugh. Sometimes they would take the viewers on a trip outside the gaming den to conventions or other activities like looking to buy a system component.


Hardware Setup for Streaming

Good hardware is necessary to support the amazing content that you plan to stream to your people. The system that you will be setting will be created so that it supports all of the gaming needs, but at the same time has the correct components to help you live stream without affecting the gaming experience. On average, a budget of 60,000 rupees is more than sufficient to create your setup.

Things that must be kept in mind are a good graphics processing unit (GPU), something that can run a big game and also support a resolution of 1080p. however, a system that can support 720p of resolution with a good microphone is good enough.     


Software for streaming

You will be requiring software to create a fancy logo and other such art for your videos. there are websites that provide you with ready-made overlay suites for your stream which you can use. Nightbot and Boom TV are platforms that can help you with sending pre-decided messages to your viewers.


Live streaming is a sharing format which helps the content creators be in touch with their viewers in real-time. This creates a sense of excitement and intimacy which uploaded videos just cannot reach. If you are a gamer in India looking to expand the reach of your content, then live streaming is the way to go.