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Best Gaming PC Build under 80000 | 2019

Ask for advice from a novice gamer on the best available platform on which one can carry out some intense rounds of CS or Rainbow six and they may turn you towards a newly introduced gaming laptop or a console. Ask a professional gamer the same and they would tell you that nothing can match the performance or satisfaction one gets with a self-build and customized PC station.

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What is to follow is the description of the components one can install in their gaming build PC with a budget of 80K. The following components give out some of the greatest performance amongst their peers and play very well amongst each other.

Let’s Get Started!

CPU Intel Core i5 9600K21,060Amazon
GPU GeForce RTX 206028,990 Amazon
Motherboard Corsair 16GB5,500 Amazon
Storage WD 1TB & WD Green 7,000 HDD & SSD
Ram Corsair 16GB6,000 Amazon
Power Supply Corsair CP – 90200984,189 Amazon
Cabinet Corsair Carbide SeriesChoose any LINK
Total75,000 (approx)

CPU – Intel Core i5 9600K 9th Gen

Let’s start the list with the most important part of any PC, the brain. The CPU for a gaming-oriented setup should be able to take a beating and still stay on its feet. Keeping that in mind, the Intel Core i5 9600K 9th Gen 6 is the best option. Created under the Coffee Lake architecture style introduced in 2018, this hexa-core chip-based processor gives out a 3.7 GHz base clock which Turbo Boosts to 4.6 GHz. The creators at Intel believe this new processor to be about 13% faster than the previously launched i5-8600K. To gain better performance, one must have a Z390 chipset. Motherboard along with a decent cooling system as things can get slightly volcanic.

GPU – GALAX GeForce RTX 2060

RTX 2060

There is a reason that when advertising their merchandise companies love boasting about the graphics processing unit (GPU). While the processor does all the work behind the curtain. The GPU makes sure that the visual representation of the work. It is just as phenomenal and no one does it better than the GALAX GeForce RTX 2060.

The GALAX GeForce RTX 2060 is created using the groundbreaking Turing Architecture, a recent development by Nvidia. To be more specific the system is equipped with the TU106 gives helps it reach a 1710 MHz boost clock speed. This 6 GB packing powerhouse is kept cool using two 90mm fans.

RAM –Corsair 16GB Vengeance


Even as children we understood that the bigger the RAM, the better the gaming performance. Long gone are the days though where we scrounged around to get up to 4 GB of ram. Today a single chip has the capacity to provide well above 8 GB of memory. One of the best chips on the market today is the Corsair 16GB Vengeance. 

The Corsair Vengeance DDR4 may not be one of the best performance memory cards produced by the company. But it is definitely the best performer in the price range. Vengeance, which was created keeping Intel and AMD processors in mind, has shown to be compatible with almost every motherboard and memory stick available today. The card also comes with the capability of using two channels, Dual and Quad, and the option to choose a performance range between 2133 MHz to 4400MHz.  

CABINET – Corsair Carbide Series CC – 9011 WW


Everything in the installation of a PC build has an important purpose. The most important, and many times ignored, is the housing cabinet. A high functioning brain cannot reside in an unkept body and the same is applicable for a PC. Corsair makes this list once again with the production of Corsair Carbide Series CC – 9011 WW mid-tower steel gaming case.

The 47.75 x 19.81 x 42.93 centimeters cabinet has enough internal space to accommodate five fans and a four-combination hard drive/SSD trays. This makes the installation and upgrading a piece of cake. The front intake 120 mm fan is equipped with LED lights for a fancy look and is so designed to blow cool air directly over the graphics cards. For a neater and easy installation process, the cabinet is provided with cable routing holes. To top it all off, the huge side panel is the perfect window to admire the LED-lit internal system.    

POWER SUPPLY – Corsair CP – 9020098 – UK VS Series

Power supply

To run a well-built system, it requires a power unit that can provide the necessary energy source.  At the same time, the power unit should also be capable of handling the various problems which arise when playing around with such a high voltage. For this build, Corsair yet again makes the list with the Corsair CP – 9020098 – UK VS series.

The VS series created by Corsair CP is considered to be one of the most reliable power units available in the market for people looking to create a low demand system but still have the best of outputs. The power unit is known for having the best component compatibility, thanks to its dedicated single +12V rail. The power unit is completely capable of protecting your setup from troubles like over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection.

MOTHERBOARD – MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus LGA1151


It is amazing to see how the motherboards today. They look like they were designed by creatures who look like the logo of Alienware. Not only does the MSI MPGZ390 Gaming Plus motherboard look like it should on a spaceship but it performs like one too.

MSI is a big name in the PC gaming industry. so it should really not come as a surprise that they produce one of the best motherboards. The MPG Z390 is an ATX sized model that comes with a higher spec Intel I219V Gigabit networking chip. The one component unrelated to the performance which has been changed is that it is only equipped with red LEDs. It goes with the black and red theme that they are going with.

HARD DRIVE – WD 1TB & WD Green 128 GB

hard drive

Data is the new oil. Whoever said these words was absolutely correct. Not only is it necessary in today’s time to have god data storage capacity, but it needs to be provided from a quality source. One of the best storage options in today’s time is coming out of Western Digital (WD). For a gaming setup, the best option to go for is a 1 TB HDD along with a 128 SSD.

WD 1TB hard disks are created using a hard exterior, designed to provide high performance and ability to maintain a cool head during those long hot days. The hard disk is known to better PC performance and runs at a blinding speed of 7200 RPM. The WD Green SSD functions as a performance booster, giving a little nude here an there when your HDD needs some help.

Additional Accessories – WIFI Dongle

WIFI Dongle

There is nothing worse than a lag or delay glitch due to a bad internet connection. Therefore, no PC built for gaming is complete without a good WIFI Dongle.  A simple 2.0 USB device that can give out a good 600 Mbps should do the trick.