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15 Best Microphone for recording YouTube videos (India)

When it comes to recording, audio quality is of paramount importance. Some might even argue that audio is more crucial than vide quality, in the case of streaming. The whole point of streaming is to instruct and demonstrate how to do various objectives of the game. And if the viewer cannot understand what you’re saying, then the video quality becomes redundant. Many who want to become a YouTuber for video game streaming, undervalue the importance of mic and go for cheaper options. You should not make this mistake.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of brilliant microphones that are tailor-made for gaming. All these in the list are available in India and will fall within your budget. It might be a little expensive, but let me assure you, they’re worth every penny. 

Role of a microphone in YouTube streaming

More than 90% of budding YouTubers who begin their career make this common mistake of taking the microphone lightly. They will tend to save a few bucks from their setup by buying a cheaper mic. This will prove to be detrimental to their growth in the long run. Microphone plays a vital role in conveying your messages to the viewer. If the viewer is not able to hear what you’re saying, then there is a high chance that he might not return. You will eventually lose your audience, even after buying a world-class setup. So, I highly recommend that you give serious thought when you go out to buy a microphone. 

As a viewer, poor audio quality is a deal-breaker for me. There are millions of others who think like me, and had it not been for the poor audio, those people could’ve been your audience. It’s not that without a good mic, your youtube career will not turn out to be fruitful, but having an excellent mic improves your chances drastically. Are you willing to lose potential subscribers to save a few thousand bucks? Are you? A good mic is like an investment, spend one time, and be tension-free for years. If you are serious about becoming a professional video game streamer, then a mic is arguably the number 1 item you should buy.

We have carefully examined the best microphones for game streaming. After weeks of research, we have shortlisted these eight monsters. Check these babies out. We suggest you should keep at least one of these on your wishlist when you go mic shopping. These mics are specially designed for streaming and podcasting. 

Best microphones for game streaming

NameLINKPrice (INR)
Blue SnowballBuy Link 9,319.00
BOYA BY-M1Buy Link 766.00
Blue YetiBuy Link 15,707.00
Audio-Technica AT2500Buy Link 7,600.00
Samson G-Track ProBuy Link 16,012.00
RODE NT-USBBuy Link 16,199.00
Razer Seiren XBuy Link 10,068.00
Blue Blackout Spark SLBuy Link 19,425.00
Amputive LapelBuy Link517.00
Mono AU-WDM01Buy Link599.00
AHUJA Aud-98XlrBuy Link1,130.00
Powerpak BM-800Buy Link1,290.00
Maono AU-100Buy Link749.00
MX CTP-20DXBuy Link580.00

Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball Microphone

The Snowball is a studio-quality USB microphone released by Blue. This is a multispeciality mic that allows you to do a bunch of cool things. You can use it to record studio-quality audio for podcasting, YouTube videos, game streaming, Skype calls, and music. Featuring the industry-leading Blue condenser capsule technology, the Snowball delivers natural sound directly to your desktop. It comes with a simple USB connection and plug-and-play operation. Basically, you don’t need any extra gear, just plug right in and start recording and streaming in top-notch quality. Both Snowball and Snowball ice are compatible with many production Softwares like Garageband, iMovie, Pro Tools, Audacity. Etc.

You get 3 setting options – cardioid, Omni, and cardioid with -10dB pad. These options will help you to adjust your recording preferences according to the situation. The cardioid setting is best for podcasting as it picks up sound from the front. Its dual capsule design incorporates omnidirectional and cardioid elements to give you a choice. The -10db pad switch eliminates noise and distortion when capturing signals at extreme volume levels.

Additionally, the Snowball can also record instruments, vocals, or bands. The mic is available in textured white, gloss black, electric blue, orange, and chrome, and Snowball iCE comes in a white. This is one of the most stylish entries of the list.


BOYA BY-M1 Microphone

The BOYA BY-M1 is compatible with multiple devices, including designed for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders, PC, etc. It is a clip-on mic that produces superb sound for presentations and video recording. The lavalier microphone features an Omni pickup pattern, for full, 360-degree coverage. This is the budget entry of the list, and you can get this fantastic mic under 1000 bucks. The BY-M1 comes with an integrated 6-meter (20″) cable with a 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug that can be connected directly to Smartphones and most cameras. The most impressive feature is that of the Omni-directional condenser. The handling noise is very low. The package will include a lapel clip, a foam windscreen, and 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter.

Blue Yeti

BLue yeti microphone

The Yeti is the 2nd entry in the list from Blue. When it comes to microphones, Blue is one of the most reliable brands in the market. The Yeti is a professional multi-pattern USB mic, explicitly handcrafted for streaming and podcasting.

Blue uses a proprietary tri-capsule technology, which enables Yeti condenser microphones to produce immaculate, studio-quality recordings. It comes with four different pattern settings that offer numerous options. This mic is perfect for recording vocals for podcasts, music, Twitch streaming, YouTube videos, and even video lectures. The Yeti features 4 settings, namely – Cardioid, Omnidirectional, stereo, and bidirectional, each one offering unique advantages. Although, the Cardioid mode is optimum for twitch or youtube streaming, and podcasting. It is loaded with features such as Gain control, instant mute button, zero-latency headphone output, etc. It is the go-to mic for podcasters and streamers because of its compatibility with both PC and Mac. You can buy the Yeti for almost ₹15k.

Audio-Technica AT2500

Audio-Technica AT-2035

The AT2500, a masterpiece, is a multi-purpose microphone that can be used for much more than streaming. It is a studio mic that is suitable for recording high and low sounds from any source. Audio-Technica has designed this mic for home use or professional studio applications and live performance.

Many artists and streamers prefer to use AT2500. The Cardioid polar setting reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving the isolation of preferred sound source.

It has a large diaphragm that helps in recording smooth and natural audio, keeping the noise low at the same time. Its high SPL handling and wide dynamic range add to its versatility. It also has a custom shock mount that further improves isolation. The switchable 80 Hertz high pass filter and 10 dB pad come with the package. Before buying this mic, you should consider one thing that AT2500 is a condenser mic, and it can easily pick up background noises, despite the cardioid recording pattern. This is the only flaw it has. Otherwise, it is a very reliable microphone. A bit pricey though, you can buy it for ₹8000.

Samson G-Track Pro

Samson G-Track Pro

Samson G-Track Pro is one of the most versatile microphones out there. Its versatility is the reason we have added it to this list. You can choose between various recording patterns, and it can also be used as a two-track audio mixer. Compatible with both PC and Mac.

The G-Track Pro is a USB that doesn’t require any additional audio recording software. The build of the mic is terrific and robust, which will make it last longer. The base and the chassis are made from die-cast zinc, making it bulky.

It weighs more than 1.5 kilograms. Samson is one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to high-end audio equipment. The innovative technology used by Samson produces state of the art noise cancellation. The sound quality surpasses the expectations of even long-time professionals.

The most distinguishing feature of this mic is that it can also be used as a mixer. Although some users have faced issues when installing the microphone for the first time. The G-Track Pro is available for almost ₹15-20 k in the market. 


The NT-USB is a state of the art microphone released by RODE. This is one of the most in-demand mics by the streaming community. Its USB connectivity makes the NT one of the easiest to use microphones. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. Not only this, but you can also use this mic on your iPad. You need to install RØDE Rec, GarageBand, or any other recording app that accepts an external microphone.

The package includes a tripod stand, a pop shield, a storage pouch, and a ring mount. A premium pop-filter is present, which fits onto the base of the mic. You can position the filter at a distance from the capsule to minimize plosives (hard ‘B,’ ‘T,’ or ‘P’ sounds that produce a harsh sound).

You can make these adjustments according to your preferences. The tripod stand makes it easier to set it up, and the pouch comes in handy when it comes to storage. The zero-latency stereo headphone (3.5mm) jack, allows you to examine the microphone input in real-time.

The NT-USB also comes with a mix of control that will help you to maintain a balance between game sounds and your voice. This is one of the best mics for streaming, and you should buy it with your eyes closed. It is available for almost ₹16 grand. 

Razer Seiren X

Razer Seiren X Microphone

Razer Seiren X is a professional-grade studio USB mic, mainly designed for video game streaming. This is also a condenser microphone that comes with a mute button.

The mic employs a super-cardioid pickup pattern, which records crystal clear sound at a tighter angle. This diminishes unwanted background noise and allows you to deliver your voice loud and clear to your listeners. Seiren X comes with a built-in Shock Mount which dampens vibrations, which will help in countering aberrations in sound. The shock mount will come in handy in case of accidental knocks and bumps.

Weighing almost 850 grams, this mic is compact, sleek, and delivers exceptional audio broadcasting in a compact form factor. Razer has done amazing work by making this microphone as sturdy as possible and also keeping it lightweight at the same time. One of the standout features is that of the extended frequency and transient response. It allows the mic to pick up a more extensive range of nuances, which helps in a clear and precise recording.

You can also monitor yourself in real-time with the zero-latency monitoring feature. You will be to hear what your audience is hearing without hearing the irritating echo effect. Seiren X is cheaper in the international market, but if you want to buy it in India, you’ll have to shell out almost ₹15000.

Blue Blackout Spark SL

Blue Blackout Spark SL Mic for youtube

Yet another entry by Blue. It is safe to say that Blue leads the line when it comes to making top-quality microphones. Blackout Spark SL is no different from its Blue family members. This might be the best mic in this entire list.

This is a full-time professional-level microphone that is designed according to the needs of the industry. An XLR condenser mic that will blow your minds when you will use it. It incorporates Blue’s custom JFET design, which ensures the capsule’s backplate is evenly charged and delivering consistent, detailed, and transparent sound at all times.

Spark SL also features discreet Class-A circuitry to give you purest quality signal. A new 100Hz high-pass filter and -20dB pad are appealing attributes. The -20dB pad will keep your voice clear and crisp when things get intense. In case of rumbling or other low noises from your desktop, the 100Hz high-pass filter will come in handy. Irrespective of the situation, the Spark SL will deliver high-quality sounds for you owing to its versatility. This microphone is available under ₹20k in India. 

I think we have made it clear the significance of a mic when it comes to streaming at a pro-level. I recommend that you take this seriously and start saving for a good mic. Depending on your budget, you can then make the final decision on which one to buy. If the product meets your price range, delivers excellent quality audio, is versatile, and is robust, then you should buy it. These 4 qualities are paramount, and it’s your choice which of these is more relevant to you.

Amputive Lapel lavalier Clip Microphone

Amputive Lapel
  • Perfect for Youtubers: This microphone is great for people who are planning to launch their Youtube channel. This microphone works very well for lecture videos, Product review videos, Screencasting Videos, Vlogs and many more. As it is a lapel microphone you can easily tie the clip around the collar of your T-shirt and you are ready to record Crystal clear Audio with your device.
  • Built-in Noise Reduction Mechanism: Although it is impossible for a lavalier microphone to completely eliminate external noise, this mic has a really good capability of noise reduction. However it is really important that you try to eliminate any other source of external noise such as Fans , coolers, Air conditioners, open windows and other sources of noise, to get the best audio quality, the noise that is still leftover can be easily eliminated by third party programs.
  • Two Metre long Anti-friction wire: The length of this microphone is around 2 meters which makes it perfect to record videos. The Anti-friction wire makes sure that you won’t get any electrical interference with the audio while recording a video and it also provides durability to the microphone.
  • Compatibility : This microphone is compatible with a large variety of devices out there, as the microphone splitter cable comes along with the package so you can pretty much use this microphone with any device you want, be it Android smartphones, Laptops (Laptops that have a single port should use a USB soundcard), PC, and most of the DSLRs. However, in some devices, you may have to adjust some settings to make this work.

Mono AU-WDM01

Mono AU-WDM01
  • Dynamic cardioid microphone collects each word from the special direction, which helps you reduce noise in the surroundings eventually giving a much better and clear audio quality.
  • 19.68-inch audio cable provides a lot of movement capability to the device and the one holding it, the cable is long enough.
  • XLR-to-1/4 cable supplied, you just need to connect the audio cable with microphone and plug it into the device of your choice, such as DVD, television, KTV audio, reverberator, mixer, tour bus, and it can be mounted very easily and on standard mounts.
  • The suitable and humanized design gives you a nice feeling when singing or speaking, the metal handheld material protects the microphone from being damaged completely.
  • Perfect for professional KTV, recording videos, stage performance, business meeting, family or friend party, outdoor performances, and a lot more.

AHUJA Aud-98Xlr

AHUJA Aud-98Xlr

The AHUJA Aud-98Xlr is a great microphone for the many tasks that you wish to perform.

  • The microphone features a high output neodymium cartridge that provides good quality output.
  • This microphone features excellent intelligibility and also has a wide frequency range.
  • It comes with a 6m Twin core shielded low noise cable that is long enough for easy motion and moving. Positioning should be very easy with a wire this long.
  • the 3-Pin professional xlr connector provides for easy connection and is very intuitive.
  • The microphone also comes with a quick detachable microphone holder which is very convenient and well-built.
  • It can be used for various purposes such as karaoke, making videos, recording songs, seminars and a lot more.
  • It can be easily connected to the device of your choice.

Powerpak BM-800

Powerpak BM-800
  • This is a condenser microphone that works with the device that can provide enough power to it. When connected with a desktop computer, the condenser microphone can be used by itself.
  • When connected with a laptop, connect the laptop to an electrical outlet, or use a 48v phantom power to get enough power if the sound is not clear and of good quality.
  • It has a clear digital sound and classic design with a high-quality cardioid condenser. Cardioid picks up patterns, this mic can cancel all noises from either side and back, it is of high quality and is perfect for singing, skype, podcasting, and YouTube recording.
  • High sensitivity microphone, the microphone will pick up the sound from 12 inches away. Unlike other microphones where you need to be extremely close to being able to pick up any sound.
  • Connectivity: It has a two-way connectivity xlr cable and USB plug and plays with no need for driver or software when used on your pc and laptop.
  • It features a cable of length 6 feet which is excellent for chatting over skype, making YouTube videos with excellent recording sound up to 10 feet.
  • If you are a beginner in voice recording and singing, USB sound card can replace your need for USB condenser microphone but if you want to step up your audio quality you will need phantom power which really gives that kick in quality.

Maono AU-100

Maono AU-100
  • It is a hands-free clip-on lapel microphone with an omnidirectional condenser that can be used for podcasts, in recording, DSLRs, cameras, smartphones, PCs, laptops and many more.
  • Flat frequency and high sensitivity: -32dB+/-3dB,15Hz to 18KHz, it comes with a flat frequency for better recording of vocals and instruments. By default, it is  OFF for smartphones but ON for DSLR cameras.
  • One for all: 3.5mm TRRS Jack is compatible with computers, almost all smartphones, a 6.5mm adapter included, ideal for DSLRs, cameras, headsets, audio devices.
  • Great for Youtube: Adjustable through Velcro. 236 inches LONG CORD to record loud and clear sound when interviewing, live broadcasting, Skype, Teaching, Audio/Video Recording on YouTube.
  • Very Light: The small metal clip allows you to easily clip it onto your collar/tie/pocket.
  • There might be some Noise when plugging the mic into the camera in auto volume mode, all you have to do is just decrease the volume and it will eliminate noise. The open camera should do the work just fine.

Ambay Computers Portable Handheld Wireless Microphone

This is a fun microphone and is packed with features.

  • This microphone is quite portable and durable, it is lightweight and is easy to carry.
  • Audio recording facility: the Bluetooth speaker with mic is compatible to take audio recording making it satisfactory for interviews, recording vocal voice for competition, auditioning or even singing for your family and friends to enjoy.
  • It has Bluetooth technology for lower energy consumption but for a more stable connection and faster transmission speed, and effective wireless operating distance is up to 10m.
  • It can also be used to record with mobile phones, connect the recording wire and open the Karaoke software on the mobile phone, then you can record the song and save it.
  • The audio quality should not disappoint you.


  • It is a miniature omnidirectional electret condenser lavalier type microphone with a wide-angle pick-up that can be used for lectures, interviews, religious places, recordings and a lot more.
  • It comes along with a strong, fixed tie-clip that prevents the microphone from being displaced accidentally.
  • The cell container is provided to accommodate a single pencil cell.
  • The length of the cable is 6 meters hence providing easy movement and sufficient length.
  • 1000 ohm Impedance and 20 – 16000 Hz Frequency.
  • 2.0 mV/Pa Sensitivity.
  • It is only two hundred grams in weight which makes for easy portability and is also very easy to carry.

Do I need an expensive mic for the recording?

No, you do not need an expensive mic if you are just starting a new channel but after a certain point, you have to use a high-quality mic to improve the quality of your videos or vlogs. Also, If you are from India then you know the problem of background noise cheap mic pick a lot of background noise which can be hard to edit in the video software.

Tips to record voice for the video

  • Always test mic by recording a 2 min voice note before the actual recording.
  • Pre-adjust your head and mic distance for a consistent voice balance for the recording.
  • Don’t be too close to the microphone or there will be a slight chance that your breath will be recorded with the voice.