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Call of Duty Mobile: Halloween Update Out

Mobile games are on the rise and in recent years we have seen some amazing games come through the mill. One of the biggest releases that took place this year was Call of Duty Mobile (CODM). We all have been enamored with Player Unknown: Battleground (PUBG) on mobile since its release. It was only time before Call of Duty, one of the biggest games in the FPS world, come over.

The game, though designed by Activision, was brought over to mobile via Tencent which were also responsible for bringing over PUBG to mobile. CODM was downloaded 35 million times in the first 3 days and crossed 100 million downloads after a week, making it the biggest game launch in history.

Though the game is still young, it has already brought much to the table to keep the game interesting. There are frequent updates which bring along new campaigns, upgrades, weapons, and platforms to enjoy. The recent update which has everyone jumping is the Halloween update. The following is a little information on what the update has to offer.

 Patch Notes on New Update  

According to the update info page, Halloween themed content will be released throughout the event, which is available for a limited time.

  • Battle crate and weapon XP card worth 500 XP on updating
  • Free weapon during Halloween login event (an Arctic .50 in Bats camo)
  • More festive gameplay with Halloween themed music, layout and weapon camo
  • The Standoff map is given a complete Halloween décor
  • Complete the Sparrow Operator skill requirement to gain a Crisis style Bow and Arrow
  • Limited time Hard Point game mode. Capture and hold multiple positions for one minute to reach the score limit.
  • The pumpkin collection event is available. Remain in the top 0-5% of pumpkin collectors to gain items.
  • Molotov Cocktail scorestreak is now available.

Other than the new features, there have been two downgrades that have been made. They reduced close-range damage on Type 25 and adjusted hip fire performance on the same.

These few changes are not just to keep with the spirit of festivities, but also to give a taste of all that this amazing multiplayer has to offer.