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Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 11 Release Date, Details and More

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play game for shooters developed by TiMi Studios and released for Android and iOS by Activision and Garena. In the multiplayer mode, gamers can choose to play ranked or non-ranked matches. A private room can also be reached for both the multiplayer and battle royale modes, aside from regular matchmaking, where players can invite and battle with their in-game friends only.

Call Of Duty Mobile Intro

Season 10 is about to end soon, the Call of Duty Mobile fans have been waiting for the next season and all the new things that come with it. The forthcoming Season 11 marks the anniversary of the game too. For the new season, there is a lot of anticipation and Activision has hardly discussed anything at all, holding it so far under wraps. However, thanks to the internet, with just 4 days left for the official update to roll in, we have some dug-up information about the coming season.

The Cranked Mode

Call of Duty Mobile is coming with a new multiplayer mode called ‘Cranked Mode’ where players get improved movement and reload speed with the kills they make. Back in Call of Duty Ghosts, this mode was added. Each player kills makes his pace increase more, putting others at a disadvantage unless they also bag some kills. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is expected to be released on Android and iOS in the near future.

The Latest Login Rewards

In the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile season, the latest login rewards segment will be the first time that players earn two rewards per day for consecutive logins. the gun to be awarded this time seems to be the Kn44. Each day, we also see 10 XP cards given out.

The New Operator Skill

We see that the expertise of the Tracker Operator is coming to the new season thanks to the same overview on the Play Store. We think it’s going to come with a new Battle Pass, likely to be a free player unlock. Also expected to return to the battle royale title this season is the Zombies feature that was taken down from the game back in Season 4.

What is the expected date for the new season?

Call Of Duty Outro

On October 14, Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 is predicted to be announced. Also, the rank reset is likely to take place on the same day. Season 11 could bring great changes to the player base specially as the competitor is no more.

Check out the Call Of Duty Mobile website: here