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Call of Duty Mobile: Tips and Tricks

Call of duty is one of the most popular and addictive games out there. Due to its massive fame and also the growth of mobile games, Call of Duty Mobile is made possible, and everyone can enjoy the game on their mobile phones.

Call of Duty currently has two game modes:

  • Multiplayer
  • Battle Royale

Here we will take a look at some tips and tricks that can help you to victory! 

1. Keep Lower Graphics

So if your phone does support Ultra HD graphics but also just renders a low FPS then it is advisable that you change the graphic settings. If you are well aware of pc gaming, you will know that the higher the frames, the higher are the chances you defeat others. Keeping settings that are optimum, neither high nor low can help you achieve a lot more frames and can surely take your game up a notch. The game might not look the prettiest but it doesn’t have a great difference.

2. Team Work is Dream Work

You are a team of five. Don’t just start rushing madly towards the enemy base from one direction only instead, Mix it up. Try and have different formations, think of it somewhat like a soccer game but always have a backup, either a rifleman or sniper. Or sometimes, do rush, all five of you, from one side only, but keep changing the tactics. Three from one side and two from the other can be a nice combination.

3. Drones can be quite useful

When you have a continuous streak of killing your enemies, your character will be awarded a UAV, Drone and a missile. Use the weapons at the right time when playing in the multiplayer mode. The missile will give you control over a screen and you can direct the missile toward your enemies. All enemies in the missiles blast radius won’t survive. The UAV can be launched in the general direction of the enemy and the UAV will seek the enemy and kill it upon impact. Drones are possibly the best way to know an enemy’s location and kill them. When awarded these weapons make sure you use them wisely and wasting them can be a cause of losing the game.

 4. Assists

Assists are an important part of Call of Duty: Mobile and the game encourages you to develop co-op coordination in intense firefight moments. Try to train with one of your friends who are better than you or are as good as you for better synchronization and faster kills.

5. Be stealthy

Don’t always roam around in the open. Try to move through the buildings and take cover whenever possible. Try not showing yourself unless you are firing at someone. Cover a be the wall between you and defeat so take care.

6. Helicopters should be used wisely

The battle royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile allows you to fly a helicopter, it is a lot of fun to fly one. However, it is advisable that you fly the helicopter only when you are playing solo and not when playing in squads. The opponents can fire at the helicopter and if you are playing in squads the opponents firing at the helicopter can prove overwhelming for you and will crash the helicopter. But, sometimes it may help to get to the safe zone quickly when the zone is shrinking.

7. Level up fully to be able to use more loadout slots

You’ll have two loadout slots available pretty early on, but the second loadout slot will be incomplete, only letting you save a few settings. As you level out, more slots will be available to swap out at any time.

8. Practice with the game’s AI 

If you’re having trouble with the controls or learning a new weapon, you can choose to have a match filled with bots instead. You won’t get much level experience from it, but it’ll provide a low-stress environment to get used to Call of Duty: Mobile. Getting used to a game is of high importance and can be the differentiating factor for you from your friends.

9. Gliding is the best way to avoid damage while falling 

Your character can glide in the air and land safely when he jumps from a height. This helps you to incur no damage as you fall from a height and will also help you get out of tricky situations during a gunfight. The ability to glide is a much-appreciated feature and it will also avoid you from getting in a situation where you are unable to get to the safe zone because of a straight cliff in front of you.

10. Crouching and sliding have a lot of benefits 

Your character will slide as he crouches if you tap on crouch while sprinting or running. This helps you to change your location after being spotted by your enemy and also will help you dodge bullets. You can also fire your weapon while you are sliding which gives you the ability to inflict damage to your enemy while you dodge his bullets.

11. Learn the maps

This is quite obvious but it is very important if you know your way around the map you can have an upper hand on the loot and different spots. You’ll eventually figure out where it’s most likely a sniper is hiding, points of contention, and so on and as a result, up to your survivability. AI battles can help with that, as well.

12. Learn How to use the available throwable items

Call of Duty has a wide range of throwables that can be used apart from the generic smoke, frag and stun grenades. The proper use of the throwable will give you an advantage when you’re stuck in a tricky situation. The grenades apart from generic ones offer a twist to the gameplay.

13. Head to the center of the circle as soon as possible

While some battle royale titles let you dawdle a bit while the ring closes in on you, Call of Duty: Mobile is not one of them. Start making your way to the center of the circle, as soon as possible, or you might end up stranded inside and eventually die.

14. You should revive teammates

Picking up their dog tags is the key to reviving your teammates, this can be very helpful as you will have a helping hand throughout. But, don’t do it when you are close to the storm ring and proceed forward.

15. Choose your Shooting Mode Right

Call Of Duty Mobile offers you two different shooting modes:-

  • Simple mode 
  • Advanced mode

While playing with your shooting settings on simple mode whenever your aim pointer goes over the enemy your weapon will automatically fire without your scope. Advance mode is the one that is advisable to play the game with the shooting settings in advanced mode. However, if you prefer playing on the simple mode you can go ahead with it keeping in mind that you will need the advanced settings if you wish to succeed in the battle royale mode. One problem that you will face when you play with simple shooting controls is that if you’re just trying to have a look at what your enemy is doing by scoping in on him and if your aim pointer lands on the enemy it will automatically fire giving away your position. If you were scoped in with a sniper rifle than you might be at a disadvantage as you will take time to load the second bullet and your enemy will shoot you down first.