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Call Of Duty Warzone coming soon for mobile?

Activision could be considering the Call of Duty Warzone title soon to come as a smartphone version. Specifics are not out yet, although, with advanced graphics and better mechanics, it could dwell on battle royale.

The Call of Duty series’ fans are spoiled with choices. In the past, Activision did come up with the free-to-play title Call of Duty: Mobile for mobile devices. It later appeared as a free-to-play title with Warzone concentrating heavily on the battle royale. It seems the developer is not finished yet and there is a roadmap for the mobile app for one more Call of Duty title. Actually, the probability of a Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile may well be high.


For a role named “Executive Producer, Features WZM,” a report from Charlie Intel identified a role listing on Activision ‘s site. The WZM in the title is a Warzone Mobile clue, and there are additional elements to show that. “The job specification adds,” New mobile FPS in the call of duty series. “As chief manager, functions in the call of duty series will include content design and player perception of a fresh AAA mobile FPS.”

The description goes on to mention that “the individual will need to harvest, adapt and produce the Warzone console and PC critical features into their biggest smartphones instantiation. Further, “The individual will also need to Develop the Warzone equation by introducing and creating device-specific improvements and function improvements to guarantee a best-in – class gaming experience that gamers will love”.

How Different would Call of Duty warzone be compared to call of duty mobile?

It does seem that Activision intends to port Warzone from the PC and console platforms to a mobile version, pertaining to the job information. The game needs to have mobile-specific changes, judging by the descriptions. This, like Epic’s Fortnite, rules out the possibility of a cross-platform game.

The game may therefore be a straight translation of the PC version with an emphasis on a first-person shooter environment that is safe. The game might preserve its royal-style combat styles from the PC version, but adjust it to the mobile platform’s reduced constraints. And current maps and protagonists from previous PC versions could be brought in.

That being said, on Android and iOS, Activision has always had its Call of Duty: Mobile ready to be played. All the pleasures and features of the franchise are provided by the title. But downscaled and reduced to the specifications of a mobile ecosystem. There is, therefore, no idea why Activision would like to add another version of the game.


Perhaps Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will concentrate on sophisticated mechanics and better graphics. In order to enhance the overall gameplay experience, developers should rely on a new game engine. To offer a similar experience to its PC equivalent, it could carry advanced multiplayer features. As a more advanced version for players, Warzone Mobile may also end up replacing Call of Duty Mobile.


If the Warzone title comes out in the near future, we are not sure of the success it will see but are damn sure that it will be a fusion of great graphics and delightful mechanics.