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Unreal Engine 5 Revealed, Photorealism graphics achieved

Now after Fortnite, Epic Games is known for making the Unreal Engine that is utilized by studios worldwide to make games, while Disney utilizes it to help film The Mandalorian. Epic has now declared the following adaptation, Unreal Engine 5, and it has an intense desire. Stunning Engine 5 resembles a significant improvement over Epic's past motor, with innovation that vows to take out surface fly-in, resources that can be handily moved among film and computer games, and splendid constancy. The recording appeared during

Predator: Hunting Grounds | Review

Deliberate or not, a great deal of computer game heroes are presumably founded on the Predator. This is an irate, 80s space outsider structured with the sole motivation behind looking very cool to a thirteen-year-old. It's such a disgrace, at that point, that when the Pred makes the jump to what ought to be its homeworld of computer games, what we get is one more naff, underbaked and dated exertion like Predator: Hunting Grounds. About What's more, covered in the wilderness mud, Predator: Hunting Grounds has some

Resident Evil 3 | Review

Among the adjectives applied to the Resident Evil games over the franchise’s 20-year history of frenzied zombie-slaying, we perhaps never expected to find the words “relevant” or “instructive”. However, this modern-technology reimagining of 1999’s Resident Evil 3 charts the immediate aftermath of a devastating viral outbreak – in this case, the T-Virus, created by the evil Umbrella Corporation – in a small city, so it is perhaps uniquely apposite. In the current circumstances, it is also faintly reassuring: at least 

Anthem Gameplay and Download – Before You Buy

Anthem is the most awaited game of 2019. They teased us in GAMESCOM 2018 with different demo's and anthem gameplay. Even in the launch of RTX GPU's Anthem is one of the few games which support ray tracing capabilities. Finally, it is here and I am going to tell you each and everything about this game. Also, I will tell you how you can purchase this game in cheap, therefore, turn on the notification by pressing YES to the pop-up. OVERVIEW The game will be released for almost all the major platforms like PC, XBOX,

12 Best racing games for PC | XBOX|PS4 | 2018

Three, two, one, GO!!!! drifting, braking, turning & shifting is the main fun part of any racing game. Racing games are fun to play because of three things (i) Cars (ii) Customization (iii) Storyline. All the racing games have great cars collection but not all of them work on customization and storyline. There are very few titles out there who work on all the aspects (an example of a great game from the past is NFS - Most Wanted Blacklist) & today we will take a look at those Best racing games for PC and for…

12 Best sniper games PC, XBOX and PS4

Staying still….peeking from distance, holding breathe and pulling the trigger just about the right time is the fun and the beloved part of a sniper game. But not every sniper game is the same or provide equal fun. We have listed a dozen sniper games which are not easy and do not suck at all. Some of these games have their own world records. Let us check out the best Sniper games you can enjoy on your PC. LIST OF BEST SNIPER GAMES Sniper Elite 4 The game is developed by Rebellion Developments, this sequel