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Xbox series S to have a great discount on Flipkart

There's great news for you if you have plans to get a fancy new gaming console this festive period. During the Big Billion Days sale, Flipkart may offer an astounding discount on the Microsoft Xbox Series S. A discount of almost Rs 5,000 on the Series S price has been indicated by the teaser banners. While the offer is still to be detailed, we see the deal as a steal for gamers. With mega discounts, the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale would place gaming accessories on the shelf. Although the exact offers have yet to be


Trepidation about such remakes is comprehensible after the disastrous Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. After all, one of the best games of all time is the latter of two games provided in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. With the right font, the right music, and the right menu design, it begins so teasingly. And then, as you step through the first wall and into the famous warehouse floor, the final barrier between hope and confidence is literally broken down. It looks amazing and functions so well. In terms of smoothness,

Before You Buy: Marvel’s Avengers

Following the manageable beta of Marvel's Avengers, the latest superhero title, we spent a week with Thor, Iron Man, and his superhero friends in the complete version. We're going to let you know if it's worth purchasing. The game left mixed feelings in the beta test shortly before the release of Marvel's Avengers. For almost a week now, the latest superhero game has been available and we can now draw our first conclusions about the game. Test of Marvel's Avengers: Kamala Khan Steals the Show It will disappoint

The Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Beta

Call of Duty: Black Ops on PlayStation 4 starts October 9th everywhere else, Cold War's free multiplayer beta begins October 17th, and Treyarch stuck their head out of the barracks to strip apart what you might anticipate when you smear on the camo and head back to the '80s. The beta of Cold War will feature new maps, such as Cartel's jungle complex, distributed through a range of modes, namely new ones such as VIP Escort, Combined Arms: Attack, and Dirty Bomb: Fireteam. In various 6v6 and 12v12 modes,

Luna – the brand new game streaming service

Amazon has launched a brand new game streaming service, Luna, at its annual Alexa hardware event on Thursday. Luna will contend directly against Stadia from Google, PlayStation Now from Sony, and xCloud from Microsoft. Amazon says Luna will add an identical fashion to the opposite existing game streaming services that allow users to stream and play games directly on their TV, computers, and smartphones. Early access to the service is going to be launched to a small group of individuals within the coming weeks.

PlayStation 5: Details on Pre-Order, Price, and Specs

In terms of games, the Sony PlayStation 5 has been the talk of the city. Now officially announced are the highly anticipated PS5 launch, pre-order, and price information. The PS5 will launch in the US at USD 499.99 (approximately Rs. 36,800), in the UK at EUR 449.99 (approximately Rs. 43,000), in Europe at EUR 499.99 (approximately Rs. 43,500), in Australia at AUD749.95 (approximately Rs. 40,300), and in Japan at JPY 49,980 (approximately Rs. 35,000). PlayStation 5 In India Pre-Order The particulars of Indian