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Find how you can build a new PC from scratch in the budget. All the build are specific to Indian gamers and will give you the best performance on the budget

10 Best budget 144 Hz IPS Monitor in India

Setting up a system primarily devoted to providing high-end gaming experience requires a lot of consideration. The components one decides, from the cabinet to the processor, should all be compatible with each other and be able to meet the expectations of the gamer. One of the components which get comparatively lesser attention in the process is the monitor. Users always forget that the monitor is responsible for displaying the cumulative performance of the system and must be able to do justice to it. They are the

Best Gaming PC Build under 80000 | 2019

Ask for advice from a novice gamer on the best available platform on which one can carry out some intense rounds of CS or Rainbow six and they may turn you towards a newly introduced gaming laptop or a console. Ask a professional gamer the same and they would tell you that nothing can match the performance or satisfaction one gets with a self-build and customized PC station. What is to follow is the description of the components one can install in their gaming build PC with a budget of 80K. The following components

Gaming pc build under Rs.90000 | 2019

Building a pc is not really that hard, but choosing the right components at the right price point is what returns the value for which you have invested in. Here we will be providing components that will help you build the best gaming pc that will be able to run all the latest and greatest titles at well over 60fps at 1440p (ULTRA settings). So, let's get started! Part for the PC build under 90k NamePartCostLinkCPU Intel Core i7 9700K 33,486AmazonGPU GeForce® RTX 2060 26,999AmazonRAM CORSAIR 16GB

Gaming PC Under ₹1,00,000

We are back with a behemoth gaming PC setup for you. We have constructed a list of high-quality components that will play any AAA title @60 fps in 2160p. This build will allow you to reach the zenith of gaming performance in 4K video quality. This is for the hard-core gamers who are willing to lighten their wallets by ₹ 1 lakh. Have a look at this monster. List of parts for gaming PC under 100000 PartNamePriceLinkCPUIntel Core i7 9700K 9th Generation₹ 32,800.00AmazonGPUASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Advanced

Gaming PC under 60,000 | Intel 9th gen (2019)

Want to build your own gaming PC? Let me guess, but you don’t want to do the research on finding the best parts. Don’t worry, we are here for you. We have constructed a list of high-quality components that will play any AAA title @60 fps in 1440p (medium to high). There’s more, you can get this fantastic setup for less than ₹60,000. It’s a bargain that every gamer would love. Check it out for yourself. Parts for the gaming PC under INR.60,000 PartNamePriceLinkCPUIntel Core i5 9600K 9th Gen 6₹ 21,079.00AmazonGPUZOTAC

Best gaming pc under 70000 | October 2019

Interested in building a gaming pc and are wondering what can I get for under 70k that can run every AAA title at above 60 fps and ultra settings in 1440p? well, you are in the right place. With the 9th gen intel chips, processor speeds are skyrocketing especially the overclockable k series. These processors, when paired with a beefy RTX card, can provide some serious output. Let's find out what we will use for this build! If you are interested in budget builds check out our series : Parts for the gaming pc build