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Best Game Streaming Setup in India

In recent years with the development of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it has become easier for the people to share their views and ideas to gain popularity, start a career or just find people with the same interests to share their content with. Off of all the content creators that are out there, Gamers have really been able to take advantage of these platforms. The one format that has become very famous with the gaming community is the Live Stream. With live streaming, gamers can upload their content in

Budget Streaming Setup in India

Sharing one's content over the numerous social media platform s that are available today is one of the biggest trends in recent years. There is those who share just because its fun, but many have understood the reach that streaming platforms have and have utilized it to make a business out of their hobbies. In the case of gamers, streaming has come as a much-required platform. As gamers need to be glued to their seats and screens to show their craft, the technology of remotely streaming one’s content is one of the best

10 Best budget 144 Hz IPS Monitor in India

Setting up a system primarily devoted to providing high-end gaming experience requires a lot of consideration. The components one decides, from the cabinet to the processor, should all be compatible with each other and be able to meet the expectations of the gamer. One of the components which get comparatively lesser attention in the process is the monitor. Users always forget that the monitor is responsible for displaying the cumulative performance of the system and must be able to do justice to it. They are the

15 Best Microphone for recording YouTube videos (India)

When it comes to recording, audio quality is of paramount importance. Some might even argue that audio is more crucial than vide quality, in the case of streaming. The whole point of streaming is to instruct and demonstrate how to do various objectives of the game. And if the viewer cannot understand what you're saying, then the video quality becomes redundant. Many who want to become a YouTuber for video game streaming, undervalue the importance of mic and go for cheaper options. You should not make this mistake. Lucky

Best Cabinet under Rs.5000

"In this article, you will see the best cabinet you can purchase under 5000 in India. Corsair, Deepcool best of the best in the market. " The cabinet is the bones and flesh to the soul called motherboard. It is an enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer (usually excluding the display, keyboard, and mouse). You can choose different types of cabinet mainly they are available in 6 sizes which are determined by the motherboard. TYPES OF CABINET Before understanding the cases itself. Let's see what

Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 40,000 In India 2019

Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 40,000 In India is the most popular segment of build. When it came to buying a new PC most of us choose to buy a pre-built from a known brand. But those brands charge a huge amount for the goodwill of the brand therefore, I suggest you to built your own gaming pc in 2019. If your budget for the new gaming built is under 40,000 INR than you are in the mid and most popular budget section of gaming PC built. Best gaming PC build in this budget will give the most output in terms of price to