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PUBG Mobile: Season 10 update leaks & feature

PUBG Mobile is on the roll since the arrival of Call of Duty Mobile. The mobile gaming market is on the rise and both these giants are looking to capitalize on that. Both of these have been releasing updates and new modes to compete with each other. These new updates are loaded with brand new features that were previously unknown. PUBG Mobile’s season 10 update is the latest of these. It will be rolled out as an in-game update. The update has not been announced officially but there has been some speculation. Rumors are

PUBG Mobile: Helicopter Spawn Locations in Payload Mode

Today, every serious and novice mobile and FPS gamer is talking about how Call of Duty Mobile has broken all the rules and changed mobile gaming. But we should never forget that the first game which was responsible to make CODM possible and gave Tencent the necessary outreach was Player Unknown: Battleground. The game was responsible to make people take notice of mobile gaming and even though there were multiplayer games before, none of them came close to PUBG’s glory. The game is well known for its gameplay and Battle

Call of Duty Mobile: Halloween Update Out

Mobile games are on the rise and in recent years we have seen some amazing games come through the mill. One of the biggest releases that took place this year was Call of Duty Mobile (CODM). We all have been enamored with Player Unknown: Battleground (PUBG) on mobile since its release. It was only time before Call of Duty, one of the biggest games in the FPS world, come over. The game, though designed by Activision, was brought over to mobile via Tencent which were also responsible for bringing over PUBG to mobile. CODM

Clash Royale – Hack, Tricks, and Cheats

Clash Royale is a Real-Time strategy game developed by Supercell for iOS and Android. The game is a massive success and very popular on both the operating systems. It combines elements of various genres such as collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. The game is so popular that it was featured in the 2018 Asian Games. Strategy games are becoming more popular by the day. Just like any other popular game, people are always on the lookout for potential tricks that would make

PUBG Mobile Payload – Features, New Weapons, Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile has recently launched a brand new mode called the payload mode. Fans of this classic battle royale game have been waiting eagerly for this mode for months. Since the rumors began circulating, there was speculation as to what would the Payload mode be like.  While many of the rumors have not turned out to be true, there are many that were rightly predicted by experts. Finally, the time is here. The PUBG Mobile Payload mode is live and ready to play. It is available under the Arcade tab. We have laid down

BitLife – Life Simulator: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

BitLife - Life Simulator is a text-based game released for iOS and Android in 2018. It is one of the most popular mobile games in the market. The goal is to live a successful digital life without struggles and difficulties. The players go through all the different stages of life, like childhood, adulthood, and death. They manage various aspects of life, including relationships and occupations. The game has high ratings on both the Appstore and the Playstore. However, as with any popular game, players are always on