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PC is the most preferable and easy to game on a device in the world. And Games Indian PC category helps you to choose and see what is best for the gamers out there.

[List] Best Laptop under 30000 |March 2019

Research is a very important part of the process called buying. If you are looking for the best laptop under 30000 budget that means you cannot expect much from that machine. You can do a lot of day to day task on it. I have written this…

12 Best sniper games PC, XBOX and PS4

Staying still….peeking from distance, holding breathe and pulling the trigger just about the right time is the fun and the beloved part of a sniper game. But not every sniper game is the same or provide equal fun. We have listed a dozen…


PUBG mobile is a revolutionary game of 2018. PUBG mobile has changed the gaming level and performance of the gaming industry on the mobile phones. But what makes PUBG so, special that every 4 out 5 people like playing it. Let us try to…