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PUBG Mobile – New Outfits, Death Replay & Colour Blind Mode

With the release of Pubg Mobile Season "2gether, We Play" 12 we have been introduced to a set of new features, improvements, outfits and a lot more. All of this integrates into a fun-filled experience of the game Let's go ahead and check out the different things PUBG mobile Season 12 has to offer DBS Shotgun (New AirDrop Weapon) DBS is a double-barreled shotgun that can only be obtained through AirDrops. It has an internal magazine that holds 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammo that can shoot 2 shots each rack. The

What is the K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile and how can I maintain it? 

PUBG mobile is arguably the most popular mobile game out there. The competition is stiff and players are ready to do everything they can to succeed. Players are constantly competing with each other and arguing who is the better player. There are many factors on which you can measure the ability of the player. These include the number of kills, the badge you have etc. But the most reliable measure of the ability of the player is the K/D ratio in PUBG mobile. So what is the K/D ratio? What does it signify? What should be

How much internet data and speed is required for PUBG Mobile streaming?

As PUBG is becoming more and more popular, it has also given rise to a new community of YouTubers. These are the streamers. These guys make money by PUBG Mobile streaming on youtube or twitch. You’ll be shocked to know that many of them have millions of subscribers. PUBG Mobile streaming is particularly prevalent in India, as many of these streamers are from here as well. They have amassed huge fanbases and followers. Many newcomers are keen to join the party and explore the world of streaming. Most of them

How to get Falcon bird in PUBG Mobile easily?

Falcon bird is one of the latest editions in PUBG Mobile. It is an animated bird that will hover on your shoulder throughout the game. Only you and your teammates will be able to see it. Just like the laser, your enemies won’t be able to see it. That’s good because you don’t want your enemies to spot you because of that bird. As of now, the Falcon bird is not of much help. It only helps in showboating, sort of. But there are numerous theories amongst fans that there could be a future hidden advantages in the bird. Few of

Best Sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile for Sniper Rifles

After our article on the best sensitivity settings in PUBG for ARs, we are back with a similar article for sniper rifles. As you probably know, adjusting the values for these settings can be crucial for the best performance in the game. This is especially true for the pro gamers, the ones who do this for a living. They can be streamers on youtube/twitch or professionals who participate in competitions. Most of us don’t care about the sensitivity settings, but if you are a pro, then this is one of the most critical aspects