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Best Sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile for Sniper Rifles

After our article on the best sensitivity settings in PUBG for ARs, we are back with a similar article for sniper rifles. As you probably know, adjusting the values for these settings can be crucial for the best performance in the game. This is especially true for the pro gamers, the ones who do this for a living. They can be streamers on youtube/twitch or professionals who participate in competitions. Most of us don’t care about the sensitivity settings, but if you are a pro, then this is one of the most critical aspects

Best PUBG mobile settings for Assault & Sniper Rifles

PUBG has taken the world by storm, especially the mobile version. Due to the availability of cheap internet, PUBG has spread like wildfire throughout the country. In this article, we’ll be covering the best sensitivity settings in PUBG mobile for assault rifles in. Most of these players play for recreation, but there is a microscopic minority who play like professionals. They might be streamers, or pros taking part in competitions. For them, the tiny details that most of us ignore can have a massive impact. Most of us

Best laptop for PUBG under 50k & Best Settings For PUBG Emulator

The Acer Nitro 5 is a gaming laptop that falls under the 50k mark, with a solid mid-tier graphics card, speedy overall performance and a bevy of ports. The gtx 1050 ti is surely a graphic card that will not disappoint you and will deliver satisfactory performance. 1) Design The Acer Nitro 5 is not the best-looking gaming laptop that's come through this year, sporting the same conservative red-and-black color scheme as its predecessor.The first thing that can be noticed when opening the Nitro 5's lid is the

New PUBG Mobile TDM Map Tips and Tricks

Player Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG was a big hit with gamers when it was first released on PC and console. However, the game achieved its recent popularity with the version which was released on Mobile phones a few years back in collaboration with Tencent. The game is considered to be one of the best online platforms to play Battle Royale format games and is also known to release limited type arcade games to keep things interesting for the players. In the recently updated the developers have provided the players

PUBG Mobile: Season 10 update leaks & feature

PUBG Mobile is on the roll since the arrival of Call of Duty Mobile. The mobile gaming market is on the rise and both these giants are looking to capitalize on that. Both of these have been releasing updates and new modes to compete with each other. These new updates are loaded with brand new features that were previously unknown. PUBG Mobile’s season 10 update is the latest of these. It will be rolled out as an in-game update. The update has not been announced officially but there has been some speculation. Rumors are

PUBG Mobile: Helicopter Spawn Locations in Payload Mode

Today, every serious and novice mobile and FPS gamer is talking about how Call of Duty Mobile has broken all the rules and changed mobile gaming. But we should never forget that the first game which was responsible to make CODM possible and gave Tencent the necessary outreach was Player Unknown: Battleground. The game was responsible to make people take notice of mobile gaming and even though there were multiplayer games before, none of them came close to PUBG’s glory. The game is well known for its gameplay and Battle