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Predator: Hunting Grounds | Review

Deliberate or not, a great deal of computer game heroes are presumably founded on the Predator. This is an irate, 80s space outsider structured with the sole motivation behind looking very cool to a thirteen-year-old. It's such a disgrace, at that point, that when the Pred makes the jump to what ought to be its homeworld of computer games, what we get is one more naff, underbaked and dated exertion like Predator: Hunting Grounds. About What's more, covered in the wilderness mud, Predator: Hunting Grounds has some

Gears Tactics | Review

Bloody sci-fi shooter series Gears of War and the term “tactics” may not seem like natural bedfellows, given that these games are best known for their macho space soldiers and chainsaw machine guns. Yet the strategy has always played a far bigger role in the games than may be initially apparent. After all, the key innovation of the titles was to add cover-and-fire maneuvers into a fast-paced action game. Gears Tactics simply inverts the emphasis. Whereas previously the tactical layer existed to compliment the action,

Resident Evil 3 | Review

Among the adjectives applied to the Resident Evil games over the franchise’s 20-year history of frenzied zombie-slaying, we perhaps never expected to find the words “relevant” or “instructive”. However, this modern-technology reimagining of 1999’s Resident Evil 3 charts the immediate aftermath of a devastating viral outbreak – in this case, the T-Virus, created by the evil Umbrella Corporation – in a small city, so it is perhaps uniquely apposite. In the current circumstances, it is also faintly reassuring: at least 

MSI GL63 | Great Budget Gaming Laptop

The MSI GL63 8RD-221 is a gaming laptop that will get you playing modern games, but it isn’t much of a financial stretch. That’s what most of us are looking at budget gaming laptops.  The GL63 is part of MSI’s economy gaming model with modest specifications. It features an 8th Gen quad-core processor with an entry-level Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics chip. That’s not inherently a bad combo, but competitors like Asus and Acer are offering newer GPUs for around the same price. So how does the MSI GL63 8RD stack up…

Half-Life: Alyx | Review

Half-Life: Alyx is a technological marvel, but more importantly, it's the best game you can play in VR right now. A shooter that makes you feel smart, coupled with a truly immersive experience that will impress Half-Life hardliners and newcomers alike. You play as Alyx Vance, working your way through City 17, trying to save your father, Eli. It would be a lonely mission if it weren't for Russell, who - thanks to a headset - chats to you along the way. In a masterstroke of casting, he's played by Rhys Darby from What We Do…

Doom Eternal | Review

Doom 2016 achieved a wonderful thing: it was very lame but also extremely smart. While its story was nonexistent and its aesthetic was ripped from the walls of a teenage metalhead, its combat was a fast-paced, pitch-perfect blend of thoughtful mechanics that never got old. The Past Like 1994’s Doom II, Doom Eternal sees your space marine protagonist return from hell to find Earth besieged by demons. Billions have been slaughtered, but no one is fighting alongside you, really. It has simply fallen