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Diablo 4: Everything you need to know about this game

Diablo 4 is an upcoming action role-playing game from Blizzard Entertainment. It will be an online game and will be set in a dungeon environment where you’ll have to battle different monsters and whatnot. The last game in the series was Diablo 3 and it came out nearly 8 years ago. Fans all around the world were eagerly waiting for Diablo 4, more so after Blizzard confirmed its existence at Blizzcon in 2019. The game will hold on to many of the features from the previous games while also bring forth many new and exciting features. Some of these features might be completely unheard of and we’ll be discussing all of them here. 

Diablo 4: What to expect

Diablo 4 will most likely retain some of the old features like the re-playable, procedurally generated dungeons, and loot focused character building. On the other hand, it will introduce new features like an open world and PvP interactions. This open world will have 5 main regions and will have day and night cycles, along with a non-linear campaign. Blizzard has announced three out of total five playable classes until now, namely, Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid. Each of these classes has their unique strengths and abilities which will shape the story of the game. The UI will also have some changes in Diablo 4. These will include a reorganisation of the inventory, repositioning of the action bar and more flexibility in binding options. Diablo 4 will be a completely online game and will require a stable internet connection to play.

Diablo 4 will also feature some new enemies in the form of cannibal tribes. They are a family of 4 members and each one of these will have a unique weapon. As of now, Blizzard has not made any official statement regarding the release date for Diablo 4. However, experts are predicting that it might be sometime next year in 2021.