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Fall Guys Season 2 – Ways of The Medieval Times

The much-awaited Fall Guys Season 2 has arrived, and despite the meteoric rise to popularity the game has had, Mediatonic has not been resting on their coattails. There have been several updates added to Fall Guys Season 2, including new customization options, playlists to restrict the kinds of rounds you will face, and generous extra support from Crowns to compliment your Fall Guys episode wins. If you’re about to get Medieval on those jelly beans, then here’s what you need to hear about the biggest Season 2 updates for Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Intro

A Middle Ages Theme And New Levels

Of course, the addition of new Fall Guys ranks, to broaden the current roster beyond the Slime Climbs and See Saws that we all love (or hate), is one of the greatest and most exhilarating changes for Fall Guys Season 2. As players attempt to create steps to climb up the arena, Wall Guys promise total chaos, while Knight Fever pits gamers against a gauntlet of obstacles, including the already notorious Thicc Bonkus. A Medieval makeover was also granted to the current rounds of Egg Scramble and Hoopsie Daisy as Egg Siege and Hoopsie Legends.

Fall Guys Levels

New Costumes!

In Fall Guys Season 2, a whole new wardrobe of Medieval costumes, emotes, and more are up for grabs, so you can dress up your jelly bean to match the style of the Middle Ages. Through progressing through episodes and leveling up, there is another set of 40 items to unlock, plus the constant updates in the store continue to bring a flow of brand new choices.

Fall Guys costumes

Randomization for costumes!

You can approach Fall Guys Season 2 with a wardrobe already stuffed with outfit options depending on how far you progressed last season and how many Kudos you spent in the store. If you find it hard to choose your favorite look or just want to change things up, just hit the Outfits menu under the Random prompt before you find a combination with which to strut into your next display.

Nameplate Customization

For Fall Guys Season 2, under a new ‘Interface’ segment, an additional customization feature has been added. You can insert a banner here to go alongside your name with an icon and matching backdrop, as well as pick a new nickname to be shown such as “Cute kid”, “Yoinked” and “Hugs for free”-fresh posters and nicknames can be activated or purchased in the shop via season development, and some special names will also be introduced for players who make a significant contribution to the Fall Guys community.

These were the major updates that took place in the latest season of Fall Guys.