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FIFA 21: What we know so far

If you are a football (or soccer if you’re American) fan, then you must be aware of FIFA game series. It is the most popular football video game, and a new version is released each year by EA Sports. This year is no different; EA Sports will soon be coming out with FIFA 21 with a bunch of new exciting features. Recently, they released a brand new trailer for the game, which shows off different skills moves and whatnot. In this article we’ll discuss what all FIFA 21 brings to the table, stay tuned.

FIFA 21 Release amidst pandemic

EA Sports faced a lot of difficulties in the development of FIFA 21 due to the COVID situation. Due to the pandemic, all of the tournaments were either postponed or cancelled which put EA Sports in a tough spot. FIFA games depend on refreshing the team’s rosters based on the transfer dealings and winners of tournaments. As the tournaments now postponed, it seems like FIFA 21 will have to alter the transfers of players as an update later.

EA Sports recently also confirmed that FIFA 21 will follow the same routine as the previous FIFA games. Earlier instalments used to be released in September and FIFA 21 will follow suit. As stated earlier, this might pose problems for EA as the sporting calendar is all messed up due to pandemic. 

FIFA 21 will be building on the plus points and positive feedback of FIFA 20, which was one of the best-received game in the series. These include the Volta system and the new improved AI which makes the matches feel more realistic. Fans are hopeful that EA will go beyond this and address some long-forgotten issues. For example, the Career Mode, which seems like a Deja Vu each year without any significant improvements. There are also concerns about licensing agreements for stadiums and teams.