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How to earn from Mobile Stream?

If you are a game streamer who is looking to earn from your stream other than native ads and in-stream, out-stream ads then you can use below mention methods to enhance your earnings.

Social media has given users a place where they can share content in the form of text, pictures or videos. It is a great way to meet people of the same community and get visibility for your brand. Though exciting, the developers wanted to give the users a little more personal connection with their fans and followers. This was the birth of streaming, a format of content sharing where users can share their creations in real-time.

Gamers have really taken to the live streaming format which is evident with all the videos which are available today of gamers promoting games, showing off their skills or informing players the best way to tackle stages and level up. Though most are in it for the fun of it, there are those who wouldn’t mind making this hobby into a serious career move. There are ways to make money by live streaming your content. The following are some of the steps that one takes to add a payment method to their live stream.  

Fan Donations

Donating using Twitch Bits

Fan donations are a form of donations which are made by a fan or follower because they appreciate your content. Donations or tips are made of the follower’s free will and can be made in the form of actual money or virtual currency which is integrated into the streaming platform that you use. On YouTube, this is represented in Super Chat where viewers can pin tips to their chats. Also, if the viewer purchases Super Stickers the user gets a cut of the purchase. On Twitch the viewers can cheer for the user and donate in the form of Bits which is equivalent to a cent for an affiliate. On Facebook, the tipping service is available in the form of Stars.

Viewer Payments

Channel Subscription on Twitch

While the tipping system described above is more of a good-willed gesture, users can create a regular payment format for their viewers to follow. The amount is generally kept up to a few bucks or may vary based on the type of content you are developing. If you can build a good amount of following, then the few bucks can amass to something large. In order to enable this option on your streaming platform, you will have to meet certain requirements. In the case of YouTube, you will have to join their membership program via a monthly payment program.  In the case of Twitch, a user can open a subscription-based channel of they are an Affiliate or a Partner. Payments can be made via applications like Amazon pay or PayPal.

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Third-Party Platform payments

Patreon can be used for third-party donations and subscription
Kickstarter is a more Project based option

Most of the payment option discussed above is by using the methods integrated into the streaming platform that you use. However, most of these require you to make certain commitments and match pre-determined requirements. To avoid all this hassle you could just ask your viewers to subscribe or tip using third-party applications. There are many options available today. Streamlabs has six different payment options to choose from and can be integrated with Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Patreon is a great option for regular donations and subscriptions, whereas GoFundMe can be used for more project-based funding.


Advertising is the oldest form of revenue for content developers

Advertisements are annoying and the worst part of surfing the web or watching a video. They take up the screen and cause intrusion in your content. Though viewers bane, they are a boon to the developers. Ads are the biggest revenue stream available to streamers looking to make money. So much so that even Google and Facebook rely on them for a fraction of their revenue. In order to get Ad revenue, you must make sure that you are on the right platform as many of them do not allow ads to be displayed. Platforms like Drive should be avoided and platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook should be looked into.


Get paid to represent companies on your streams and videos

Getting sponsorship is a sign that you are doing well with the content that is being developed. If you have developed a strong and large fan base then companies that are associated closely with the content you develop would like to pay you to use their products on your streams to increase their visibility. It is one of the least controversial ways to make money via streaming. It also helps you network better and gains better brand visibility.

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