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How to get Falcon bird in PUBG Mobile easily?

Falcon bird is one of the latest editions in PUBG Mobile. It is an animated bird that will hover on your shoulder throughout the game. Only you and your teammates will be able to see it. Just like the laser, your enemies won’t be able to see it. That’s good because you don’t want your enemies to spot you because of that bird. As of now, the Falcon bird is not of much help. It only helps in showboating, sort of. But there are numerous theories amongst fans that there could be a future hidden advantages in the bird. Few of them speculate that the Falcon could scan the area for enemies and loot. 

But all of that is just speculation at this point of time. If you like the falcon bird and want to have it, there are many ways that you can do that. You will have to unlock an event by collecting cards to open the Falcon bird finally. It will take time, but if you collect daily, then within a few days you will have enough coins. But there is a trick by which you can have the required amount of cards in only a day or two. We’ll share that in the end. First, we will describe the general way of getting the bird. Here is a step by step procedure to how to unlock the Falcon bird in PUBG Mobile. 

  • Go to the events section from the main menu.
falcon bird in pubg mobile
  • Here you will see something like what is shown in the image. You will be given daily tasks that you need to complete to unlock the cards.
  • These tasks will change every day, and you will need to do them daily to collect as many cards as possible. 
  • You will need 50 cards to unlock the Falcon bird.
  • Continue to do the tasks assigned regularly to collect the required number of cards in less time. 
  • Click the redeem option in the menu after collecting the cards. 
  • Enjoy the game with the Falcon bird on your shoulder.
  • Use various cool emotes to showboat to your teammates as your enemies won’t be able to see the bird.
falcon bird in pubg mobile

The short-cut way to get Falcon bird

There is a short-cut to get the Falcon bird quickly. But there is a catch, this technique can only be applied if you have upgraded your pass. I know that’s a bummer but what can we do. We found a way, and we’d like to share it. The procedure is essentially the same as before, the only difference is that you will be able to collect the cards much faster. This technique will allow you to obtain the required number of cards in a single day or two days at max. Check it out for yourself. 

falcon bird in pubg mobile
  • Go to the RP section.
  • Go to redeem option.
  • You must have some BP coins stashed. Those can be used to buy the cards that unlock the Falcon bird.
  • You can buy 10 cards for 150 BP coins. So, for 750 coins, you can get 50 cards and unlock the bird.
  • Redeem the bird and taunt your friends.
falcon bird in pubg mobile

So this is the easiest way we could find to get the Falcon bird in PUBG Mobile.