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How to spot enemies in Sanhok easily?

Sanhok is the 3rd map which was introduced in PUBG mobile. It is smaller (4×4 km) compared to other maps (8×8 km) like Miramar and Erangel. It was also the first one to implement the dynamic circle which is different to the traditional ring. This dynamic circle changes the speed of the safe zone, depending on how many players are alive. It is very tough to spot enemies in Sanhok.

Sanhok is mostly mountains and jungles, very similar to Southeast Asian rainforests. This type of terrain makes it very difficult to spot enemies in this map. On top of that, if the enemy is wearing a ghillie suit, then it becomes almost impossible. Compared to other maps, Sanhok has more trees and rocks that can be used as cover. Furthermore, there is that dynamic weather too, meaning the weather can change mid-game. If things get foggy, then you’re in for some serious trouble. All this makes harder to spot enemies in Sanhok.

spot enemies in sanhok easily

Don’t worry, we are here for you. We know how frustrating it can be to get shot by someone and you don’t even see where it came from. We have all been there. So we spent hours playing on this map, and we figured out that there are some things that you can use to your advantage to win. Here are a few tips that will improve your spotting skills dramatically. Go and have a look for yourself. 

Stay out of sight

spot enemies in sanhok easily in PUBG mobile

The first step in any game is not get killed. If you want to kill, you need to survive first. This can be done by not running like a madman all around the place. Sanhok is a map made for stealth. Almost everyone except will be looking for a hiding place after looting and you will rarely find enemies in the open. So the best strategy is to stay hidden as much as you can. Drop in a good location, loot as quickly as you can and find cover. Move very silently and stay alert. 

Adjust your graphics and sound settings

Adjust your graphics to Smooth, the lowest setting. This is because if your device is older, then you might experience some lag due to the high settings. Also, this will give you the smoothest gameplay, so you will be able to spot enemy movements faster than before. Smooth settings will also produce no shadows, this will help spot enemies that are lying prone in the grass. You can opt for the highest frame rate if you want high quality and your device can support it. You should also adjust the Style as colourful rather than realistic or classic. Colourful will enable you to spot enemies even if they are not wearing bright coloured clothes.

Adjust sound and brightness

The most obvious thing to do it to adjust your audio and brightness to maximum so that you don’t miss a thing. Also, keep track of the mini-map when you get shot. This is the most basic thing to do, but very important. It is critical in spotting the enemy when under fire. 

Play using emulator

spot enemies in sanhok easily in PUBG

I know it sounds lame, but it works. Not only for Sanhok but on the other maps as well. PC has a bigger screen, and your field of view is naturally increased. If you manage to find a vantage point and a decent scope, then emulator can do wonders for you. 

So this is it. These worked for us and will definitely help you to spot enemies in Sanhok easily. Eventually, you will get better at spotting by practice.