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How to Stream through Mobile in India

Ever since YouTubers like Pewdipie have made watching other people play and narrate a video game as a viable and fairly enjoyable platform, many amateur and professional gamers have created their own sites and pages where fans can follow them and show their support.

One of the recent social media platforms which have caught the attention of gamers is Liv Streaming. Made famous by the king of all video platforms, YouTube, live streaming gives the user an opportunity to upload their work in real-time. The viewers can enjoy the live feed which gives a thrilling sense of being there in the moment. There are no edits or cuts, just pure gaming commentary experience.

Ever since technology has reached a level where more complicated programs could be run on handheld devices the gaming industry has boomed, creating sophisticated online games that are very enjoyable and can come with you anywhere you go. Today, with A-lister games like PUBG and COD available on the phone, gamer dynamics have shifted in favor for the handheld.

It was only time before streaming platforms took the advantage and devised ways for the mobile gamer to project his work of art to millions of people willing to watch. Today, there are many streaming platforms available for gamers to use on the phone and we will be looking into some of these options available to the gaming community in India.

Why Stream?

It is understandable if streaming is not your type of thing and it turns something you love to do as a hobby or to pass your time into a chore. However, streaming is such a hassle-free process that you need not waste more than a few seconds on it. Videos on YouTube and Vimeo or any other video playing platform need to go through the editing process and then be uploaded. But in case of live streaming, there is no need to edit as all it is raw real-time footage.     

Streaming gives the players a great advantage other than getting the word out. You will become the part of a community which is made up of individuals who are way ahead of the curve. By interacting with them you could learn some serious skills to use later. And if the officials at COD did see you perform well and decide to sponsor you, it doesn’t really hurt.

Streaming Platforms Available in India

In reality, there are many platforms available to gamers out there to live stream. However, most of these are based in the international zone and have not yet made their debut in the Indian Sub-Continent. But do not fret as there are a few platforms that we could utilize.

  • YouTube Gaming
YouTube Gaming App

No matter how far we take the road, it always brings us back here. YouTube is the prime choice for all those looking to upload their videos, and since most gamers made their name here it was only fair that the developers came up with a specific platform which would be more gaming-oriented. YouTube Gaming is available to Android users who have updated to the 5.0 version.

The application has a very intuitive and simple user interface to make sure that the player has most of their focus on the game. The user will be given an option of either streaming or recording in one of two resolutions; 720p or 480p. To help increase your visibility, it gives you the option to share the stream link via social media before it starts. You face will be visible in the bottom left corner and you can enable chat and add filters as necessary.

  • Mobcrush
Mobcrush Streaming App

For gamers looking for a platform which is more serious on the gaming front only, then Mobcrush is the right fit for you. This is a more recent streaming platform which was designed keeping Android users in mind and has all the necessary tools required for a glitch-free stream. Though the user interface takes a few seconds to figure out but once done, you can start broadcasting immediately. The app will project whatever comes on your screen, so be careful with the notifications. Rather than your face in the corner, it will show an ‘M’ icon which, when tapped, gives a drop-down of all the settings.

Future of Streaming

Future of Streaming

It makes us all very sad that, even though there is a viewing application for the game streaming platform Twitch on our phones, India still does not have the streaming platform available to us. However, the creators at Twitch have asked the gaming community to keep the faith and give them some time to set up the necessary servers.