BitLife – Life Simulator: Tips, Tricks, And Cheats

BitLife – Life Simulator is a text-based game released for iOS and Android in 2018. It is one of the most popular mobile games in the market. The goal is …

Bitlife-Life simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator is a text-based game released for iOS and Android in 2018. It is one of the most popular mobile games in the market. The goal is to live a successful digital life without struggles and difficulties. The players go through all the different stages of life, like childhood, adulthood, and death. They manage various aspects of life, including relationships and occupations. The game has high ratings on both the Appstore and the Playstore. 

However, as with any popular game, players are always on the lookout for possible cheats that will make their gameplay easier. These tricks will increase your stats for almost anything and help you in having a successful life. We have been playing the game for numerous hours to figure out and compile the best tips and tricks that you must know to lead a prosperous life. Have a look for yourself. 

key to succeeding in this game

Strong entry

This the most key to succeeding in this game. Arguably the best thing that you can do for guaranteed success in the future is to start strongly. Pay attention to all the stats from the start and keep them in check. Spend time with family members give a boost to relationships. 

Work hard in your school

Oh no, not this. Face it, buddy. You have to work hard in school to get somewhere. This is what our parents and our teachers have been telling us our whole lives. It’s not that if you don’t do good in school, you’ll never amount to anything, but if you indeed do good, you will have an easier time ahead. This is called playing safe. Study hard in school, get good grades, and this will improve your chances of getting a scholarship. It will also help you in landing a good job.

Repeat certain activities and others not so much

There are specific activities that will show positive results if done multiple times a year. Gymming or meditation, for example, if done regularly, will improve the stats for health and looks. On the other hand, there are a few tasks whose outputs are redundant when performed many times a year. Like studying, studying many times will improve your grades only to a certain extent. After that, you’re just wasting time. 

Max the green bars

The green bars at the bottom are the essence of the game. They indicate how well you’re doing and how successful your life is. So, these bars should be of paramount importance to you. Also, always make sure that no single bar is very low, and all the others are very high. This situation is very tough to rectify. You must diversify the activities that you indulge in. Do different types of things like gymming, meditating, going on holidays, and reading. 

Marry old

This sounds like a jerk move, and it is if it was real life. But in BitLife, this can turn out to very beneficial for you. Yes, the happiness meter will go down if you marry an older person, but there is a hidden plus point that the inner devil inside you might have identified. If you marry old, you will inherit their wealth and end up with bootloads of money. You can use this extra cash to buy a new bike or car. That’s just (Bit)Life, you know, pun intended, you always gotta take care of the number one, and that is you. 

Try your luck in the lottery

The odds of winning a lottery in real life are abysmally low, almost negligible. However, that is not the case in BitLife. We can’t point out the exact number, but the chances of winning a lottery in the game are drastically higher. In fact, you might hit the jackpot in less than 10 tries. Sometimes, even in less than five. Winning the prize will undoubtedly get you cruising.

Buy and sell

In BitLife, there is no option to rent out your property. You can buy or sell your belongings. So, you need to plan your finances accordingly. Do not buy a costly house, or you can end up in a debt trap due to mortgage. The best option would be to start small and save money.

Prioritize health

Just like in real life, you need to keep a check on your health and wellbeing. There is almost no cost to see a doctor. So whenever you fall sick, go and visit the doctor and get well as soon as possible. Seeing a witch doctor, on the other hand, can have extreme repercussions.

Love your parents

This might sound a very noble act, but you wouldn’t call it so worthy when you find out the real motive behind this. Sure, you can be the dream child for your parents and live a happy life with them. The real reason that we recommend this is the chances of inheriting their wealth increase if you love them. Spend time with your parents and make sure they are happy. They can help you with your debt problems and other things. 

Be a jerk

Being a jerk can be very beneficial here, can’t say for sure in real life, though we all know nice guys finish last. We have already shown you that being a jerk when choosing a spouse can help you out financially. The same can be done with many other things. These you need to explore for yourself and select the least pleasant option. It’s only a game, after all, no one is judging you. 

Travel to boost happiness

There will be times when your happiness meter will be below your expectations. Certain activities like breakups, death of loved ones, or marrying an old person will decrease your happiness level. Do your best to improve your happiness levels and the best way to do that is to go on a vacation. Going on a holiday can instantly affect your happiness in a positive way.

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