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New PUBG Mobile TDM Map Tips and Tricks

Player Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG was a big hit with gamers when it was first released on PC and console. However, the game achieved its recent popularity with the version which was released on Mobile phones a few years back in collaboration with Tencent.

The game is considered to be one of the best online platforms to play Battle Royale format games and is also known to release limited type arcade games to keep things interesting for the players. In the recently updated the developers have provided the players with a Team Death Match mode. The players go against each other in teams of four.

Since PUBG is a primarily Battle Royale game, players may not be able to tackle a fast-paced mode like Team Death Matches. In order to support our gaming community, we will be looking into some tips and tricks you can use to get better scores.

1.     Quick and Always Moving

PUBG, Battle Royale games in general, have a slower pace. Until unless you land in a populated town, there may be some time before you come across a player. TDMs are a little more fast-paced as the active area is small. Find good cover and fire at enemies from there. Once enemies clear, change your cover.   

2.     Choice of Scope

The game has three choices of scope available to the player in TDM games: microdot, 2X, and 4X. Long sight scopes are not a necessity in a small map, so these meet the needs. you need to play smart with your loadout. Use a microdot or 2X on SMG and rifles, saving the 4X for a higher caliber rifle like Kar98.

3.     Peek and Shoot

Team Death Match is a game of sneak, through and through. You do not have the luxury to run from house to house as the players are very close by. You will have to clear your corners to make sure there are no surprises there. Take cover and peek from behind to get a well-protected kill.  

4.     Prone to stay protected

The one thing has not changed in the gameplay is that prone is a great way to avoid being shot at. If you enter a situation where you come face-to-face with one or two enemies together, going prone and shooting from that position increase your chance of surviving the shootout.

5.     Jump and shoot when one-on-one

Another good trick that works when facing a one-on-one situation is to change your position rapidly. Other than moving side to side quickly, jumping can make the other player miss a lot, giving you an advantage.

6.     Avoid Enemy Spawn Location

If used to Call of Duty Mobile, you know that if the enemy spawn location gets occupied, the spawning locations switch to give everyone a fighting chance. However, this is not the situation in PUBG. The spawn location remains the same and if you go there alone, you will get mowed down.

7.     Reach around the back for a Revenge Kill

Sometimes you have the unfortunate luck of being in the sights of a good camper who keeps knocking you down. When in such a bind, you can use the back routes and come upon the specific camper from behind to take them down

8.     Find a Roost

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We all hate the guy who finds a good hide spot and camps there, collecting kills.  However, we love being the killer and not the target. So, find a good roost or campsite, someplace with lots of covers and a good view of the field, and take down opponents.

9.     Avoid being shot to replenish health

If you have played Wolfenstein and Call of Duty campaigns, you know that when not being shot, your health replenishes. Similar gameplay is available in the Team Death Matches, where is the player avoids being shot for enough time, their life starts to replenish.

10.  Communication

Communication is key in every relationship, especially if people are continuously firing at you. Even if you are not playing with players who you are familiar with, utilize the mike to call out enemies and approach tactics.