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PUBG Mobile: Helicopter Spawn Locations in Payload Mode

Today, every serious and novice mobile and FPS gamer is talking about how Call of Duty Mobile has broken all the rules and changed mobile gaming. But we should never forget that the first game which was responsible to make CODM possible and gave Tencent the necessary outreach was Player Unknown: Battleground.

The game was responsible to make people take notice of mobile gaming and even though there were multiplayer games before, none of them came close to PUBG’s glory. The game is well known for its gameplay and Battle Royale matches, along with smaller modes.

The use of vehicles in the game has really been commended by many gamers. One recent addition that is making everyone go gaga is the Helicopters. These helicopters are available for piloting by the players but can be found in select locations. Following is a list of Helicopter Spawn locations when playing in Payload mode.


1.     Primorsk – Primorsk is a town in the lower-left corner of the island on the coast, near Ferry Pier. One of the helicopters can be found here

2.     Middle of Prison – Prison is on the right-hand side of the map, slightly inward. Right in the center one of the helicopters can be found.

3.     Top of School – The School is right in the middle of the map. On top of one of the buildings, a helicopter can be found. You can reach it going through the building, but parachuting right on the top is safer.

4.     Malta Power – Malta Power is on the right coast, on a slight protrusion of the island. The helicopter is parked next to a large silo-like dome.

5.     West of Hospital – The Hospital is on the left coast of the island, a little way to the top. On the west side of the hospital, a helicopter can be found

6.     Military Base, near the missiles – The Sosnovka Military Base is a separate island to the south. Near the missile launchers, one of the helicopters can be found.

7.     Novorepnoye, Near Crate Crane – Novorepnoye is on the southern island on which the military base is located. Look for the helicopter near the Crate  Crane.

8.     Severny (2 helicopters) – Severny is a town in the northernmost part of the island. Two helicopters can be found here just a few blocks apart from each other.9.     Yasnaya, west part of the town – Yasnaya Polyana is on the right side of the island. It is a big town, but if you look in the west part of the town you can find one of the helicopters.