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PUBG Mobile introduces a bunch of new events

PUBG Mobile has recently introduced a new Silverback Set in the game. This new set comes with its own event called Ancient Spin and many other items including the headgear. The first draw of the day will cost 10UC, and a single draw will cost 60UC. However, 10 draws together will cost 540UC. Recently the Puppet Master Andy skin was also released which is a part of the arcade characters that have been introduced in the game. You can select the character from the characters screen in the game. Other than this, they have also added several cosmetic items for the characters. You can find these in the chest in the shop section of the game.

Besides the Puppet Master skin, they have added a new Pinocchio Set as well. They have done this as part of a new crate in the game called EMP. The fee is more or less the same, as opening this once costs 60UC and 540 UC for 10 times. Rarer items are less likely to drop, just like in most crates.

New PUBG Mobile Sets

PUBG Mobile also introduced the Mother Clucker set recently and this new set is available as part of a multi-set event. This set includes a new headgear and costume that will make you look like a chicken. To access this, you need to go in the events section and here too rarer items will be more difficult to get. The cost to play this once is 60UC.

PUBG Mobile also rolled out another event called 1-UC Bounty Raid. This is a very unique event and gives you a chance to win some attractive skins by betting a minimum of 1UC. There are multiple skins and cosmetic items available in 1-UC Bounty Raid. You can wager more UC if you want but that is entirely up to you. However, spending more UC has a higher chance of winning a rare item. PUBG Mobile is looking to please its audience with so many new sets and events.