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PUBG Mobile Payload – Features, New Weapons, Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile has recently launched a brand new mode called the payload mode. Fans of this classic battle royale game have been waiting eagerly for this mode for months. Since the rumors began circulating, there was speculation as to what would the Payload mode be like. 

While many of the rumors have not turned out to be true, there are many that were rightly predicted by experts.

Finally, the time is here. The PUBG Mobile Payload mode is live and ready to play. It is available under the Arcade tab. We have laid down the significant features and key takeaways from this latest Payload Mode. The most striking new addition is that of the helicopter. Imagine flying a chopper on the valleys of Erangel and raining fire on your enemies from above. The chopper is just one of the new elements that are added. 

The competition is rising from Call of Duty, who are also looking to reap the profits from the popular Battle Royale genre. PUBG Mobile has rolled out this update to satisfy the everchanging needs of its fans. The Payload mode is a part of the 0.15.0 version of PUBG Mobile. The new mode will be activated for those who already have the latest update installed on their phones. We advise you to install the new update as it has a lot of offer in terms of gameplay if you haven’t done it already. Enough talking, let’s begin.


This mode builds on the new features that were released with the 0.15.0 upgrade and takes them to another level. The Payload mode comes with a host of new features that you will most certainly love. The players will be airdropped, same as before, in a smaller Erangel map with modern and heavy weaponry. From helicopters to rocket launchers, this update will surely give you elevated gaming experience. It comes with an advanced air combat system that will remind you of the time when you used to play Grand Theft Auto Games. 


Pubg Mobile Payload mode

This advanced air combat system allows you to fly helicopters and bombard your enemies on the ground. The experience of flying the chopper is very similar to that in GTA games and is very rewarding. The players can literally take the fight to the skies when they fight in helicopters. There is a catch, though. The players on the ground will be armed with rocket launchers and grenade launchers, which they will use to attack you. It will be an even battle between the forces on the ground and forces in the air. 

Armored Vehicles

Pubg Mobile Payload Mode

Armored vehicles are also present, scattered throughout the map. I’m telling you, this payload mode is crazy. I can’t wait for the payload to come for other maps like Miramar. Imagine driving a fricking tank on the sandy dunes of Miramar. 

These are all part of efforts by PUBG Mobile to make itself more unique and appealing to the players, to fend off the new competition in the segment. 

The helicopter can be spawned as a means of transport for players to go across the map. It will carry up to four players at once and can fly up to a fixed height. There are four buttons to control the helicopter. It can also be damaged by weapons, and the degree of damage depends on the type of weapon used.

Revive the Dead

One of the most exciting features of this update is that you can revive your dead partners. Players who have been eliminated have an excellent opportunity to back in the game by this feature. The process is straightforward. When a player dies, a name tag will be dropped, which needs to be collected by their teammates. After receiving the tag, the player needs to take it to the nearest communication tower, and the game will spawn the eliminated player back in the match. A name tag will be dropped, which needs to be collected by their teammates. 

The Payload mode is available only for the Erangel map, and that too a smaller version. Although, it is speculated that the mode will soon be released for other maps, no official word as of now. Players need to try their luck on this map for now.


Pubg Mobile Payload Mode

PUBG Mobile Payload mode comes with a fresh stock of firearms that you will definitely want. From rocket launchers to grenade launchers to whatnot. Super Weapon box, which is a brand new edition, will be in a few locations. These boxes contain special weapons for players to use.

You can arm yourself with brand new rifles and grenade launchers to kill numerous enemies.