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Guide to PUBG Mobile Prime Membership


PUBG Mobile Prime Membership

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Pubg mobile prime membership is now live on servers. It is a brilliant move by the company to boost its revenue while keeping its users happy. Since PUBG mobile first came into the existence it has a very high price in-app- purchases which simply means overpriced skins, dress, and other inventories. In addition to that, PUBG Mobile has a weird lottery system in the form of crates which depreciated the interest of a lot of mobile players. (This classic system is also used by most of the fps games [ EA ] ). To overcome this problem faces by the players.

PUBG has now launched PUBG MOBILE PRIME MEMBERSHIP on all the servers. The main idea behind the prime subscription is to increase the sales of skins and improve the interest of users by giving the power of uniqueness to every user.


Pubg mobile prime membership is a subscription service which let you buy exclusive skins using BP (battle point). Plus it will also give daily UC for which one can buy anything in the PUBG mobile world. If you buy a prime plus subscription you will also get crates coupons and extra UC & permanent skins.

What is the price of
Prime and
Prime Plus membership ?

The prize of the subscription differ according to the content platform. If you are a Android user you have to pay slightly more than the iOS users.
The costing of Membership is following :

There are two different options available on the PUBG Mobile App

PRIME Monthly
iOS ₹75

1. Prime membership Android AFTER 1st Month ( INR. 80)
iOS AFTER 1st Month – ₹75
2. Prime Plus membership Android AFTER 1st Month ₹799
iOS – 700

What are the differences between
Prime and
Prime Plus membership ?


There is a huge difference between both of the membership plan. If you are looking for a short answer than buying a prime membership instead Plus membership is not a good idea. Because you cannot purchase a skin permanently in Prime membership you can only use it for 30 days.


Example:- (A) has Purchased a prime membership because it is cheap and will serve short term needs of skins. He has a reserve of BP 200000 in the A/C. Now, with this reserve, he can purchase only 2 skins and those skins are also not permanent in the Inventory. Therefore, he has very less benefit from prime membership.

Following are the differences between both of the Memberships plan :

  • Only 30 days in inventory, if you are on Prime plan
  • Free PUBG crates with PLUS membership
  • EXTRA Royal Pass points with PLUS membership
  • 15 More UC points in Plus membership
  • Big Discounts on crates and coupons
  • More BP Items on Plus Membership

What will you get with memberships?

Right Now, there is very less inventory that you can buy with prime membership. PUBG is still holding its resources and offers only two new skins in membership.


  • Prime plus UC
  • BP items
  • RP Points
  • ID card
  • Room creation card
  • Free crates

Desert Ranger Set – A unique skin that you can avail till 04/19. If you are a prime member you can try it for 30d for 28,888 Battle points.

skin with membership

Desert Ranger Cap – A limited edition CAP which will complete the set of ski patrol.

Desert Ranger Cap
Desert Ranger Cap

Ski Patrol Set – Other skin that you can avail till 04/19. If you are a prime member you can try it for 30d for 28,888 Battle points. If you are a Prime plus member you can keep it for permanent for 58,88 BP

ski patrol set

Beanie for Patrol set– A limited edition hat which will complete the set of patrol.

Ski Patrol Bean

Ski Patrol Beanie

UC POINTS – Daily you will UC point on both the plans. With Prime you will get 5 UC points and on prime plus it is 20 UC per day.


DISCOUNTS AND 50% OFF ON CRATES – Only Prime plus member will get this additional benefit where they will get discount and 50% off on crates.


How to cancel Pubg Mobile Membership?

Now, you have purchased a membership but you don’t want to continue it. You can follow these simple steps to cancel your subscription from your mobile device.

  1. Open the App store (iPhone) & Click on Icon ID as shown below. (Android) Tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions and tap on the app of the subscription you’d like to cancel.
cancel subscription

2. Find Manage Subscriptions as shown below

cancel subscription

3. Click on the subscription you want to cancel.

cancel subscription

4. Confirm the cancellation

cancel subscription


In the end, I can say that if you really like skins and creates rewards in PUBG Mobile you should try prime plus membership for at least a month because it will give a lot better satisfaction than purchasing a crate.