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PUBG Mobile: Season 10 update leaks & feature

PUBG Mobile is on the roll since the arrival of Call of Duty Mobile. The mobile gaming market is on the rise and both these giants are looking to capitalize on that. Both of these have been releasing updates and new modes to compete with each other. These new updates are loaded with brand new features that were previously unknown. PUBG Mobile’s season 10 update is the latest of these. It will be rolled out as an in-game update.

The update has not been announced officially but there has been some speculation. Rumors are circulating and many of the leaks have been confirmed. The season update will be called ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ and the theme will be set on the backdrop of Mad Max Fury Road. Fans are anticipating fresh missions and passes. In this article, we will share a lot of the leaked stuff from the latest season. Stay tuned.

A new title, ‘Star Trainer’ added.

Pubg mobile season 10

A brand new title by the name of ‘Star Trainer’ is added to the game. This can be via completing the ‘Best Companion achievement’, which is also a new addition. This achievement will be on 4 levels. If you help in upgrading your companion to level 7, then you will unlock this achievement and get the ‘Star Trainer’ title. 

New loading screen and parachute

Pubg moblie season 10 loading screen
Pubg moblie season 10 new parachute

Like every new season, this one also features a fresh design of parachute. A new loading screen is also added from the Vikendi map. This adds to the brand new look of the game. The loading screen features a scenic view of the snow-clad map of Vikendi.

New outfit and emotes

Pubg moblie season 10 new outfit
Pubg moblie season 10 new emote
Pubg moblie season 10 new outfits

The outfits offered by this update are awesome. Lava Beret, Desert Trooper and Magnetic soldier look the most appealing. Also, there are a number of new emotes available too. The emotes range from hysterical laughing to chicken dancing. 

New skins

Pubg moblie season 10 new gun skin
Pubg moblie season 10 new UAZ skin

Almost all of the guns will come in new skins. You can earn these skins through the reward system by completing Royale Pass missions. Moreover, the fan-favorite car UAZ will come in fresh colorful skin. From helmets to backpacks, almost every item will have new skins. We have displayed a few of these for your reference. 

New car Zima

Pubg moblie season 10 New car

Zima will be the latest car to be added to the list of PUBG vehicles. It is hatchback cum SUV which is expected to be the best vehicle to be added to date. Its handling and pick-up are rumored to be far superior to the existing cars. 

Pubg moblie season 10 new M416
Pubg moblie season 10 new vector

Wanderer m416, Blood-Tooth vector and MP5K

Apart from new skins for guns, many new weapons will be added. The existing guns will undergo a complete makeover and transform into something else entirely. The most anticipated ones are Wanderer M416 gun, Blood-Tooth Vector and a new MP5K submachine gun.