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PUBG Mobile with Jio Platforms could return shortly

Jio Platforms can end up once again providing PUBG Mobile in India. Imposed a ban levied by the Indian government, PUBG Corporation has cut relations with Tencent Games.

If you enjoyed playing PUBG Mobile and would like it to come back soon, you have good news. PUBG ‘s company is in talks to bring the game back to our shores with Dependence Jio. Jio Platforms will start distributing PUBG Mobile to Indian players if everything ends well. The developer is currently searching for a full-fledged long-term relationship for the future with Reliance Jio.

PUBG Mobile intro

The news comes from a statement by The Hindu BusinessLine, which reports that the talks are continuing. Jio and PUBG are currently in negotiations to bring the game back to India. PUBG is said to have long-term plans for the game in India and is finding a local partner for it. For the distribution of PUBG Mobile in India, PUBG has previously tied with Tencent Games of China.

The Talks?

The talks are at an early stage, which started only after the second round of bans by the government. Officials from both sides are working out the contours of how different elements of the agreement can be organized, said one of the sources close to the subject. “Legal experts from both sides are discussing ways of dividing revenue, whether it would be 50:50 or Jio guaranteeing PUBG revenue on the basis of a fixed number of users per month,” added the sources.

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For its Jio Channels, Reliance Jio has attracted a lot of investment from major players in the industry. If the deal works out, it would be a major deal for Jio Platforms to sell PUBG Mobile. In addition, PUBG Mobile will be back in India, catering to smartphones for millions of players. The game is a significant revenue stream for PUBG, as it has more than 175 million Indian implementations alone. This accounts for a fifth of its worldwide installations.

If the deal brings back the game as a whole or with some modifications is what remains to be seen. Jio Platforms is expected to make a host of changes accommodate the Indian players. As well as new game modes, players should expect a lot of localized content. In the past, PUBG Mobile borrowed all of the features from another game released by Tencent in India, Call of Duty: Mobile.

PUBG Mobile ban: So far, the narrative

A total of 118 applications of Chinese origin were recently banned by the Indian government. Among the banned applications were PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, since Tencent was their publisher. PUBG Corporation cut its licensing relations with Tencent Games shortly after the ban. Given that localization is now needed by the Indian government, PUBG is looking for a local partner to get the game back.

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