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Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode – Download

PUBG Mobile came with a new update (PUBG ZOMBIE MODE) in the collaboration with Resident Evil 6. The gameplay is right now, in beta and only available to a small number of people for testing. Luckily, I am a part of those small people and I will tell you all about the update. And in the end, you will provide a link to download the beta.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Right now inside the main game, you can see a zombie in the matchmaking section. That is a nice teasing technique by Bluehole. You can find them in Erangle map inside the cave. I have given a screenshot below for those who are still unable to find a zombie.

Pubg mobile Zombie
Zombie in the Erangle MAP

Now, Let us talk about the actual beta version and how it is shaping. As a conclusion, I can say the gameplay is awesome and 10 times better than any arcade mode available right now. It has new weapons, new special throwables and different types of zombie to kill plus it has a boss mode which has special points in the end. If you are familiar with resident evil series you can co-relate both of them easily. A team in an island killing the zombies and surviving.

event mode in pubg mobile
Select Mode : – Zombie survive till dawn

The Zombie mode right now is neither in Arcade mode nor in Classic mode. It has a special place in the menu called EVENT MODE:- “Zombie survive till dawn” and I believe, that PUBG mobile now will start a new section for all these kinds of event-based matches such as ( Day / Night match and Zombie survive till dawn).



The gameplay is not like any other classic or arcade mode. It is unique and by far the best, then any other non-classic match in the PUBG mobile. The size of the beta for iPhone is around 2.56GB. The plane will drop you on the Erangle map ( FYI. Most stable map in the history). And as soon as you drop on the land you will find the Zombies around you who will try to attack you. Your task is to get a gun kill the zombies and the other people around you. Right now, the game is only available in team mode and I think it will remain like this because it is based on Resident evil and in the movie they are in the team. THE REAL GAME START IN THE NIGHT when the Zombies attacks you from everywhere and they are unstoppable. In the game, I have like 500+ bullets and trust me they are few.


Pubg flamethrower
Flame thrower

FLAME THROWER -For the zombies the PUBG Mobile has added a new Flame thrower gun which will burn down the zombies into pieces. You can find the when you kill the zombies itself.  

Machine Gun

MACHINE GUN which will cut down the zombies into pieces. You can find them when you kill the zombies itself. The Machine gun has 200 ammo but it will fire after 2-sec hold. So, just remember the heads up.  


Pubg mobile Boss filght

PUBG also introduced a boss mode with the Zombies which appears similar to Red Zone. Anywhere for a limited time in the MAP. Your main aim is to kill the boss using a lot of bullets and Big guns and you will be rewarded with special gun and bullets.


  1. Day/Night match combination with Zombies.
  2. New Weapons – Flame thrower and Zombie grenades.
  3. Push to talk button in the mobile.
  4. Zombie Boss.
  5. New Kill mechanism for Zombies.


Right Now, The game is in Beta version so, you can follow the below guide for it. If you are reading this article late you can update it from playstore.

There are serval tricks to download PUBG Mobile beta but I will tell you the most easy and working trick available out there. iOS or Android users both can take benefit of this way. This way not just give you access to beta version it will give you all the new information tips and everything about PUBG Mobile.