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PUBG Mobile’s new update brings Carton Rangers with new rewards

PUBG Mobile recently launched a new update 0.18.0. This update brings a host of exciting new features with it. One of these is the addition of the Carton Rangers. It will go along nicely with the theme of PUBG Mobile‘s next Royale Pass theme. Carton Rangers consists of objectives and completing them earns you rewards.

The developers have added several new items which you can earn from different crates. These items include the indigo coloured Naughty Kitty Headgear along with the Naughty Kitty Set. There is also a Naughty Kitty Parachute along with the Gambling Master G36C assault rifle. The probability of finding these items depends upon their rating and demand. The higher the rating, the less chance of getting it as a drop.

The new update also introduces a new Snow Walker Set to the game which is part of the Twilight Hunt crate. This set will come in brilliant white, orange and black highlighted weapon skins, which look very attractive. Arctic Explorer was also a recent addition to Lucky Spin section of PUBG Mobile and the Snow Walker set will be along similar lines. This comes after the developers also put in the Dark-Ops Agent, Aurora Pulse M16A4 and The Wasteland Survivor to the game. All these are different methods of obtaining these items and include crate as well as the lucky spin section of the game. 

PUBG Mobile: How to get Carton Rangers?

To earn the Carton Rangers you’ll have to complete certain objectives. After completing these objectives, you will be able to add them to your collection, which gill grant rewards. 

While the Naughty Kitty Set is available with the Classic crate which you can find in the crates sections. There is a catch however, this Classic Crate has chances to get different items. Which means you only have a chance of getting the set with time it is opened. If you open it once, it will cost you 120UC. While for 10 times the cost will be 1080UC. The Dark-Ops Agent set, on the other hand, is available through the Premium Crates in the game. The set also comes with multiple in-game items which include the character outfit and Dark-Ops Agent Headgear.