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PUBG New Patch 5.1 – Throw pan to kill

Throwdown the gauntlet, literally, in PUBG Season 5. Focusing on Miramar for a season filled with all the new tactics and strategies. test your mettle on new ramps and stunt obstacles, old friends get new life with a utility upgrade to the Win94. Melee weapons are now throwable. Want anything from the vending machine? there is a new type of loot station to restock your backpacks, and added item throwing between teammates to keep everyone in bandages and energy drinks. The new quality of life updates and the latest Survivor Pass, Badlands, learn all about a very expensive looking Mirado.

Miramar PUBG Patch 5.1

Miramar Update

  • A race track has been added, which was the venue for A La Muerte Vamos in Miramar.
  • Newly added objects like ramps, loops, jumps, and signboards across Miramar will surely excite you.

New Gold Mirado

  • A Gold Mirado has been added to Miramar, which can only be found parked at the garage in Hacienda del Patron.
  • Only one Gold Mirado spawns each match.

Spring-cleaned Miramar

  • Small objects and trash has been removed near buildings to avoid clutter and hassle-free gameplay
  • There is an improved Miramar item spawn balance
  • The spawn rates of weapons and scopes effective at long-range have been increased to better suit the long-range engagements.
  • The spawn rates of helmets, bags, and vests have been increased slightly.

Vending Machines

  • Vending machines have been placed in Miramar and Camp Jackal to provide a new looting experience other than picking up items spawned on the floor.
  • You can get Painkillers and Energy Drinks from Vending Machines.
  • Vending machines are only available in Miramar and Camp Jackal.
  • Vending machines spawn randomly at set locations.
  • In Camp Jackal, Vending Machines always spawn at the warehouse and gas station.
  • If you’re lucky, Vending Machines can dispense many Energy Drinks at once.
  • Damaging and taking cover by the vending machine can lead to enemies knowing your location, so be careful.
Survivor pass : Badlands

Survivor Pass: Badlands

  • The Survivor Pass is back with new rewards, missions, and improved systems! Don’t miss the new community missions where players can join together to discover the hidden story of Miramar!

Community Mission System

Whether you have purchased Premium Pass or not, all players can join together to fill the Community accomplishment gauge, then claim in-game skin rewards and unravel the hidden story of Miramar.

  • The mission gauge can be filled by finding new mystery collectibles on the Battlegrounds.
  • Players who find and open special Cardboard Boxes will be able to loot one of the 3 different objects.
  • When collected, they are reflected in the Community mission accomplishment gauge as follows:
  • You can check how many discs you have in the inventory.

Season Missions

There are two tracks of Season Missions: Melee and Badlands.

  • Melee Track: Combined missions consisting of 2 missions each, that is basically 4 missions, using melee weapons, which reward 2 melee weapon skins.
  • Badlands Track: Combined missions consisting of 4 missions each, that is basically 8 missions, which reward 2 Miramar related skins.

Progression Missions

Progression Missions give a great amount of XP progressing through missions throughout Season 5. It’s composed of 3 mission tracks and one track for achieving certain milestones.

  • Track 1, 2: A series of 10 missions with gradually increasing difficulty, open for all players.
  • Track 3: A series of 12 missions with gradually increasing difficulty for players with the Premium Pass.
  • Milestone: Missions for reaching certain achievements related to daily, weekly and challenge missions.

Challenge Missions

These are high-level challenge missions with which reward using designated weapons.

  • First mission of each track: Whether you have purchased Premium Pass or not, earn a t-shirt reward by achieving certain Survivor Pass levels (5, 10, 15, 20, 25).
  • The second mission of each track: Complete weapon-specific missions while wearing the t-shirt obtained from the first mission.
  • Remaining missions in each track: Various weapon-specific missions.
  • Added level-up items for one of the premium pass mission rewards.
  • These items are non-marketable, and they will be activated when the next season (Season 6) starts.

Survivor Title System

Survivor Title System Season 5 arrives with changes to the Survivor Points(SP) system.

  • Rewards for Survivor Title System Season 4 will be granted at the beginning of Season 5.
  • SP will be soft-reset, with your performance in Season 4 counting towards your starting SP in Season 5.
Win 94 Weapon update


  • Win94 will now come automatically equipped with an irremovable 2.7x scope. Other specs have not changed.
  • Win94 is now a Miramar exclusive weapon.
  • A feature has been added allowing players to throw certain requested items to teammates.

These are some of the most prominent changes that took place in the latest 5.1 patches, it surely brings a lot on the table and provides for an enjoyable experience.