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Shadowgun War Games: Worth playing? Good enough? | Review

Madfinger games delivered Shadowgun WarGames on Android and iOS when battle royale games were administering the versatile gaming scene. In the event that you don’t realize Madfinger games, at that point you may think about its best game Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2. In the past, Reviewing a cell phone implied you needed to test its gaming execution with Dead Trigger 2.

After some time Dead Trigger 2 lost its ubiquity to games like PUBG Mobile and Asphalt series by Gameloft. The thought behind Shadowgun Wargames was quite straightforward. Make a game that is Overwatch on portable. Presently fundamentally there isn’t anything amiss with taking motivation from an effectively fruitful game title and do a versatile rendition of it however it must be done appropriately. Take the most well-known case of this marvel, Rules of Survival.


Netease games took motivation for Rules of Survival from PUBG and made a Battle Roya;e for cell phones. RoS was genuinely fruitful in nations like Japan and South Korea yet neglected to make an imprint in different locales. There were numerous reasons why RoS was ineffective yet the principal reason was that Netease games never had a significant presence in areas outside of South Korea, Japan, China, and Indonesia.

Shadowgun war games intro

This was not the situation for Shadowgun Wargames and Madfinger games. Madfinger previously had a setup presence in the versatile gaming scene with Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2. So for what reason did Shadowgun Wargames neglected to have an effect? Indeed, it was seriously executed. Any portable game that is enlivened by a significant gaming title needs to get certain components right in the event that it needs any degree of achievement. Shadowgun Wargames should be overwatch portable however was later discovered to be a wreck of thoughts.


The publicity is something that is currently important for our entire lives. The more publicity an item can get the more eyes will be on it. Shadowgun Wargames had all the eyes it required on it. Everybody needed to experience Overwatch on versatile and since it was from the producers of Dead Trigger, the desires were high. The higher the desires the greater the failure bend. The protests began to come in promptly from the players who had totally various desires from the game.

In the event that you will publicity Overwatch on versatile, at that point you need to convey Overwatch on portable. That is actually what didn’t occur with Shadowgun’s wargames. The game offered the feel of Overwatch yet that is the place everything finished. Players left disillusioned with the game and the evaluations endured a sharp shot too. A basic Google search will uncover that numerous players and commentators were baffled by the game.

Shadowgun war games shooting

Madfinger games anticipated that the game should be a triumph before it even hit the application stores. The game had a fight pass that players could purchase however once more, the game was still in its beta stage so no one purchased the fight pass. Contrast that with Call of Duty Mobile, a game that is in its Season 9 is as yet giving free skins to its players without the fight pass.


Shadowgun Wargames is an exemplary case of what ought not to be finished with a versatile game. The game actually feels disappointing and truly, there are vastly improved games out there on the off chance that you need a PvP experience. Battle Prime is another game that is offering a PvP experience to players and it is really worth playing.