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The Desert Fossil AKM: PUBG Mobile has a new upgradable weapon

PUBG Mobile has a tendency to bring new updates and weapons which the fans least expect. They have done it again it seems. PUBG Mobile will now feature a new upgradable weapon skin called The Desert Fossil AKM. The developers added a new update recently, and this new skin is part of that latest update. Similar to most of the upgradable skins, this skin also has three different styles, out of which you can unlock 2. All this is a part of a lucky spin which also includes other rewards such as the Cardboard King set and Stegosaurus Helmet.

PUBG Mobile will also feature a new event called Model Soldier which brings the new Mr Fox set. Mr Fox Set along with the Mr Fox headgear is part of the highest priority rewards in this event. You need to complete the achievements which the event mentions to get these rewards. After completing them, you’ll get scissors which cut out different reward with points. These points are accumulated and which you can later use to unlock these rewards.

How to get The Desert Fossil AKM

Most of you must be familiar with the lucky spin of the PUBG Mobile. This new event is also a Lucky Spin where the players need to spend UC to rotate the wheel. Spinning the wheel once will cost you 60 UC while the first spin of the day costs 10. There is a bulk offer also where spinning this 10 times will cost 540 UC.

Moreover, there are rewards to how many time you can do this. As always rarer items are harder to get. So it is no surprise that you might have to rotate the wheel quite a few times before you get your hands on the new Desert Fossil AKM.

In we talk about new sets, developers have put in a new Lieutenant Parsec Set. This new set consists of a white armoured headgear along with it. There’s also a Fission Demolisher Kar98K skin along with the Lieutenant Parsec UAZ, Flashbang, and backpack skin.