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Ubisoft sues Apple and Google for selling clone of Rainbow Six Siege and wins

The gaming industry has seen several feuds between tech companies over the years. This is a fairly common practice as many games tend to be quite similar to one another. More often than not, the party that sues the other ends up winning the lawsuit. Recently, some of the largest companies in this sector, Ubisoft decided to take on the tech giants. That’s right. Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against both Apple and Google for ripping them off. Rainbow Six Siege, which is one of the most popular games by Ubisoft right now was the reason for this lawsuit. Why did they do that? Well, keep reading to know more about this interesting fight between these mega-corporations. 

Ubisoft wins vs Apple and Google

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular games by Ubisoft and is they earn quite a bit of revenue from it. However, this was the reason for them going a little overboard and taking on two of the biggest tech giants of this age. The full story is this. Recently, Google Playstore and Apple Appstore put up a game called Area F2. This game is very similar to the Rainbow Six Siege in almost every aspect. Some would even say that it is a carbon copy of it. Ubisoft asked the two companies to take down the game from their stores. And in no surprising turn of events, both of these companies refused to do so. This infuriated Ubisoft, to say the least. Ubisoft then went all guns blazing and filed a lawsuit against them both. 

A statement from Ubisoft says the following “every aspect of AF2 is copied from our game, from the operator selection to final scoring screen”. Ubisoft seems to have won the lawsuit as the developers of Area F2 have removed the game from both the stores. This is a massive victory for those who believe in intellectual property rights and free trade in the gaming industry.