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Valorant Patch Notes for 0.50 Update

Riot Games’ well known first-individual shooter Valorant has gotten its greatest update yet, which rolls out significant improvements to about each part of the game, from weapon exactness to character capacities to purchase costs.

To begin, the update diminishes the time it takes for a rifle to become exact again subsequent to being discharged, which makes tap and burst-shooting progressively viable no matter how you look at it. It additionally makes automatic rifles progressively exact during times of supported shoot. Also, the fix patches up a few key choke points on the maps Split and Haven to give assailants a greater amount of an edge.

Valorant 0.50

As far as characters, the fix conveys considerable nerfs to the game’s most grounded units, especially healer Sage and the intel master Cipher. Sage’s Slow Orb is currently marginally shorter in the term, and it eases back rivals essentially not exactly previously. Figure’s Cyber Cage no longer eases back adversaries, and the cooldown on his Spycam has been expanded by half.

The game’s credit economy has additionally moved. Ground-breaking capacities like Phoenix’s blinding Curveball and Raze’s Blast Pack have multiplied in cost, while Jett’s Updraft has been diminished significantly. As far as possible for credits has been decreased to 9,000 from 12,000, which should make rebounds somewhat simpler.

Mob as of late uncovered Valorant’s positioned serious mode as a major aspect of Patch 0.49, which likewise made a few changes in accordance with the character Omen. Despite the fact that the game is at present in shut beta, you can at present get a key for the game by watching taking an interest Twitch streams.

Full Valorant 0.50 patch notes:


Weapon Updates

  1. You will no longer enter the “walking accuracy” state when transitioning from run to stop
  2. We noticed many players were entering a walking accuracy state during their run-to-stop transition that made it appear as if shots they fired/landed were done at full speed.
  3. Deadzone accuracy speed threshold increased: 25% >> 30%
Valorant 0.50 rifles

Now that you can’t gain walk accuracy while transitioning from a run to a stop, we’ve also slightly increased the size of the dead zone (full accuracy state) to make it a bit easier to get an accurate shot out quickly

All Rifles

  1. Recovery times on all Rifles have been updated, which should make tap and burst to fire more efficient. Inaccuracy is accrued any time the weapon is re-fired prior to a complete duration of a weapon’s respective Gun Recovery Time.
  2. Base walk accuracy: 0.6° >> 0.8°
    We felt like walk-spraying with rifles was a little more effective than we’d like, particularly at longer ranges. We’re going to pull back on this accuracy slightly and continue to monitor


Horizontal (Yaw) Recoil reduced by 15% while crouched and stationary
This was intended to be the case and now properly matches the crouch benefits of other rifles
1. Gun Recovery Time: .4s >> .375s
2. Tap Efficiency: 4 >> 6


Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
Gun Recovery Time: .55s >> .35s
Tap Efficiency: 3 >> 4

Bulldog Automatic Fire:

Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
Gun Recovery Time: .55s >> .35s


Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
Gun Recovery Time: .4s >> .35s

Machine Guns are significantly underperforming other weapons at their price points. Machine Guns are meant to be bullet hoses—powerful once they get going. This is a difficult balance to strike in a game where a single bullet from the Vandal will put you down. Our hope here is to make Machine Guns better at what they do (shoot lots and lots of bullets) while also increasing the power of the Ares relative to weapons at a similar price point.


Price reduced from 1700 to 1600 creds
Firing Error (this value is a curve that has intermediate values between each bullet; bullet 2 has slightly less error than bullet 1, and so on)
Bullet 1: 1.0° >> 0.8°
Bullet 5: 0.85° >> 0.75°
Bullet 10: 0.75° >> 0.7°
Reduced the amount and intensity of horizontal (Yaw) Recoil after the first 8 bullets.


Reduced the amount and intensity of horizontal (Yaw) Recoil after the first 8 bullets

Agent Updates


Slow Orb zone duration decreased from 9 seconds to 7 seconds
Slow Orb slowing amount decreased from 65% to 50%

We all know Sage is OP. We’ve decided to try to reduce some of her stopping power while still allowing her to fulfill her role as the premier staller in VALORANT. These changes aim to reduce the overall efficacy of her Slow Orb, especially if they are chained back-to-back.


Cyber Cage no longer slows enemies that move through it
We’ve always envisioned Cypher as a premier sentinel gathering info on his enemies and picking them off, but the slow on the cage was allowing him to move into Sage’s territory by stalling an entire enemy team. We still think this will be a tool he uses to buy some time, but enemies will now have more options when pushing his defenses, especially when coordinated.

Spycam cooldown when destroyed increased 30 >> 45 seconds
Spycams have been flying into enemy territory like Sova darts at the start of rounds because the punishment for losing one to an enemy is so low. Hopefully, this change pushes you to find a safe hiding place for your initial camera (please not inside a box).


Dark Cover smoke duration increased 12 >> 15 seconds
Dark Cover smoke projectile speed increased
Dark Cover cooldown increased 30 >> 35 seconds
Especially at high-tier play, we’ve seen Brimstone become the dominant controller and we wanted to give his peers a boost to make them more viable while hopefully maintaining their unique playstyles.


Snake Bite radius increased 350 >> 450
We’re increasing Snake Bite’s radius to match other area-denial abilities


We see you b-hoppers out there, jumping through Incendiary, Fireball, and Snake Bite while taking no damage. We don’t want to completely negate this skill but we also don’t want it to trivialize a whole set of character abilities.
The height required to jump out of all damaging area-denial abilities 80 >> 120Snake Bite, Fireball, and Incendiary damage tick speed increased (total damage per second unchanged)

Agent Ability credit cost tuning

  1. We felt the credit cost of some abilities did not match the impact those abilities brought to a match and made adjustments for a more accurate reflection
  2. Sage Barrier Orb increased from 300 to 400 credits
  3. Raze Blast Pack increased from 100 to 200 credits
  4. Phoenix Curveball increased from 100 to 200 credits
  5. Brimstone’s Incendiary increased from 200 to 300 credits
  6. Jett’s Updraft reduced from 200 to 100 credits

Agent Armor

Armor carried over from prior rounds is no longer destroyed when new armor is purchased, allowing you to sell newly purchased armor and return to your previous armor status (instead of having no armor)

Max Credit Cap

Total credit cap is reduced from 12,000 to 9,000
We’re noticing that players/teams who manage to bank a high amount of credits are maintaining a rich economic state for too long, and it becomes a monumental challenge for the opposing team to dethrone their economy


Sova’s Owl Drone now includes a layer of sound for engine rotors
Audio should better reflect thematics while maintaining how noticeable the previous version of Owl Drone audio was for allies and enemies, as heard in 3rd-person



  1. Attacking teams have been having difficulty finding a foothold in territory control across the map. We’ve made a few changes that should allow attackers better opportunities to contest A-Main, Mid Top, and B Tower
  2. Barrier locations (those clear blue walls) have been adjusted across the map to provide attackers more of a foothold into territory control across the map
  3. The defender barrier in B Mid has been pulled back. New barriers are in the entrance to Vent and atop the staircase in B Tower
  4. Defender barrier has been pulled back at A Ramps
  5. Attacker barrier has been pushed forward at A Main
  6. Attacker barrier has been pushed forward slightly at B Main

Angled the wall on the left interior of B Tower when pushing up the stairs from Mid
This removes a 50/50 angle check when pushing into this space, which should make it more approachable for you to try and gain control of B Tower

The radiant crate in B has been changed to a metal crate to provide more cover when planting the Spike

Revised art to improve performance throughout the map


  1. New map exploit system is in effect which will have negative effects on anyone trying to escape the playspace
  2. Updated several floor sections so that they now have appropriate material sounds


  1. Added fixes for Cypher Spy Camera exploits to all three maps— a huge thanks to everyone who has helped us track these down, including clutch stream’s we lurked in for two days, writing down every camera placement and fixing them in real-time
  2. The backside of spawn barriers are now opaque to prevent some abuse cases
  3. Added ability for Spike to automatically fall from elevated boost positions
  4. Fixed multiple spots where Sova’s Recon Dart could over-penetrate map geometry—another shout out to everyone that helped with these as well!


  1. Teammate armor is now shown on the scoreboard
  2. When the Spike is planted, the Spike icon in the upper middle UI now pulses with the audio beeps
  3. New artwork for pings to increase readability in the world
  4. Re-enabled portrait for player’s minimap icon
  5. Reduced size of portraits and icons by several pixels
  6. Added color to the player’s own minimap icon with a slightly thicker border to aid in finding oneself (on the minimap, not in life)\
  7. Added regulation of chat messages when using the radio menu or radio wheel
  8. Slight increase to broken armor text size to make it easier to notice
    Relocated flyout menu for Titles dropdown so it opens in a more sensible location
  9. Moved Leave Match button closer to the other “Exit” buttons in the menu
  10. Made Logout button red to match Exit button, since they both exit
  11. Shifted location of Skip button on MVP screen so players do not accidentally press the Play Again button when slamming the Skip button
  12. Adjusted radio wheel behavior so that mouse wheel up and down always select the other wheels regardless of other keybinds
  13. Icon for Need Help changed from the little bug thing to a flag
  14. Enabled attack/defend icons in the upper-middle game info UI for all players, not just observers
  15. Hooked up “Ult Almost Ready” VO when a character uses the Ult Status radio command and are within 1 ult point of being fully charged


  1. Cheaters are no longer referred to as “Hackers”
  2. Profanity filter setting added; when enabled, will filter out profanity from the chat
  3. Added a setting that allows toggling between walking and running
    Viper’s Poison Cloud no longer enters cooldown when picked up during the buy phase
  4. Added foe coloring for Sova’s Hunter’s Fury
  5. Added Contract level-up animation when unlocking free characters or purchasing contract levels
  6. Added tooltips and explanations guiding new players towards activating their first contract
  7. Unowned skin levels now list their individual cost (in Radianite Points) and description in the collection pages
  8. Made performance optimizations to address FPS drops when you or allies are shooting
  9. Various social panel improvements to support better error handling and messaging
  10. “Keep Player Centered” minimap setting is now a default setting
    Renamed “First Person Enhanced Visuals” graphics setting to “Bloom”
  11. As discovered by u/Far_OW on Reddit, this setting affects more than just first-person visuals—it’s actually a visual bloom, or glow effect, which primarily affects weapon renders
  12. Renamed “Shadows” graphics setting to “First Person Shadows”
    This setting only affects shadows cast on a player’s weapon, hands and arms
  13. Observer HUD
    Dead players will now appear greyed out on the HUD rather than hidden
  14. Team colors on the HUD will swap when switching sides, rather than the teams on the HUD changing position


Valorant Knife
  1. Cypher and Sova will no longer float in the air if the Sage Barrier Orb wall they are standing on is destroyed while when using the Spycam or Owl Drone, respectively
  2. Cypher can no longer pick up his trap after an enemy has triggered it.
    Sova’s Owl Drone can no longer rapid-fire darts if the prior one hits an enemy
  3. Reduced collision size on Sova’s arrows so they don’t get stuck on corners when fired near them
  4. Removed placeholder mesh from Viper’s Toxic Screen projectile
    When using the ping wheel on the map, right-clicking now correctly cancels the action and does not place a ping
  5. Fixed a bug where the Spike UI would sometimes overlap with the HUD
  6. Fixed a bug where a weapon’s ammo count on the HUD would disappear if swapping your knife, then back, while on low ammo.
  7. Removed Spike icon from being visible on enemy player minimap icons
  8. Spike can no longer be planted partially in map geometry
    This also fixes cases where the Spike camera was appearing inside the Spike
  9. Barriers on the minimap no longer adjust positions incorrectly during the buy phase if you open the mega map
  10. Fixed bug where various issues would occur after multiple players would fulfill a weapon buy request at the same time
  11. Fixed issue where the game would hitch/stutter when opening the in-game options menu
  12. Fixed issue where the game would hitch/stutter when opening the in-game shop
  13. Fixed rare movement bug where resurrected players who were tagged would have jittery movement in 1st-person perspective
  14. Fixed a bug where some weapons lost their muzzle flashes in 1st-person POV when tracers were disabled
  15. Fixed a rare bug where players appeared to be standing when they were actually crouching
  16. Ability details in the combat report will now correctly appear in the buy phase of the round when teams switch sides
  17. Fixed miscellaneous Observer mode HUD issues
    Spectators can now see weapon inspect animations
  18. Fixed a bug where the camera could take an invalid position during character select
  19. Fixed an issue where the combat report would show 150 damage but the enemy player was still alive (in cases where healing was not involved)
  20. Fixed an issue where a teammate’s voice activity would incorrectly light up more than their own icon in the above-character UI element
  21. Selecting a ping on the ping wheel and canceling no longer incorrectly spawns the canceled ping next time the player uses the basic ping


  1. Fixed incorrect location of text when hovering rewards in the contracts
  2. Fixed a bug where purchase refunds were not reflected in the client until it was restarted
  3. Fixed a bug where player cards were cropped on the arsenal menu screen
  4. Fixed a bug where, in some languages, mission descriptions could appear truncated
  5. Fixed an issue where the Distortion Graphics setting was not properly enabled
  6. Enabling this may have a performance impact on some older graphics cards