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Valorant’s New Agent: Skye, Does She Have Healing Abilities?

A day after it unveiled more detail about Act 3, including details of the upcoming agent’s delay, Riot has released a trailer showing off the new Valorant agent Skye. The newest agent is called Skye, Australia’s Initiator-class. She appears to be a healer who uses a variety of animal-themed’ trinkets’ to track and monitor her adversaries on the battlefield, based on the trailer and an early leak of her pack. She will be eligible alongside patch 1.11 on October 27.

We still haven’t had an official look at Skye’s kit, but a leak credited as MrJack025 on Reddit from a data miner offers more background for some of the skills we see in Riot’s official agent trailer. If this is something uncovered by the last few officers, sometime in the next day or two, we expect an official post on the Riot blog

Valorant Skye Intro

Skye’s powers in Valorant, according to the report, include Regrowth, Trailblazer, and Guiding Light. Her ultimate is known as Seekers. The in-game content from the leak exists as follows, but please keep in mind that this is prone to revision between now and the official release of Skye at any time:

Regrowth-C Regrowth

A Healing Trinket is to be equipped. HOLD FIRE to channel, in scope and line of sight, healing allies. Until her healing pool is drained, it can be reused. Skye isn’t ready to heal herself.

The Trailblazer-Q

A Tasmanian Tiger Trinket to be equipped. FIRE to drive the predator out to take care of it. FIRE to leap forward when in charge, bursting in a concussive blast and directly hitting enemies with damage in Valorant.

Light Guiding (3x)-E

The Hawk Trinket to be equipped. To take it forward, Shoot. To steer the hawk in the direction of your crosshair, HOLD Aim. To turn it into a flash, RE-USE when the hawk is in flight.

Seekers-X (Last)

The Seeker trinket to be equipped. FIRE to send three seekers out to find the three nearest enemies. When a seeker hits his objective, they are near-sighted.

Based on the teaser, it doesn’t seem that Guiding Light can pass through walls like Breach’s Flashpoint or Reyna’s nearsighted Leer, basically a flash grenade. It just demonstrates that through gaps and around cover, Skye controls the hawk trinket.

It is also not yet clear whether or not her trinkets in Valorant, including Reyna’s Leer orb, can be damaged or broken by other players. A few more questions arise, such as how much health Regrowth restores, but until Skye is available to play on October 27, we probably wouldn’t know much.