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What is the K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile and how can I maintain it? 

PUBG mobile is arguably the most popular mobile game out there. The competition is stiff and players are ready to do everything they can to succeed. Players are constantly competing with each other and arguing who is the better player. There are many factors on which you can measure the ability of the player. These include the number of kills, the badge you have etc. But the most reliable measure of the ability of the player is the K/D ratio in PUBG mobile.

So what is the K/D ratio? What does it signify? What should be its optimum value? And how can you maintain it? We’ll answer all these questions one by one. We have written this article specifically for the curious PUBG players who want to know the little nitty-gritty of the game. Keep reading to know more.

What is the K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile?

k/d ratio in pubg mobile

K/D ratio stands for Kill to Death ratio. You can view this in your statistics. In the simplest words, it is the ratio of the number of kills you have made to the number of times you have died. For example, if you play your first match and you kill 1 enemy and then you die, your K/D ratio would be 1. This ratio is obtained when you divide the number of kills by the number of times you died. If you play another match and you die without making a kill, then your K/D ratio would be ½ or 0.5. Or if you killed 3 enemies in the next match then your new K/D would become 4/2 or 2. This is the K/D ratio explained in a nutshell. It gives an idea of the average number of kills a player does in a single match. 

How to maintain K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile?

k/d ratio in pubg mobile

So now you know what the K/D ratio is, its time you learned how to maximise this number. Common sense says that you need to kill as much as you can to do it. But what if I told you there is a better way. Consider this, you play 1 match, you kill 2 guys and then you die. So your K/D is now 2. Next match you kill 3 players and you die. Now your K/D ratio is 2.5, its increased. Now consider this too, In the first match, you kill 2 and die and then in the 2nd you kill only 1 but you get a chicken dinner. So total kills are 3 but total deaths remain 1. The K/D ratio is 3, even though you killed fewer enemies than the first example. So what’s happening.

One word, maths. If the denominator in K/D is kept small, the final output will increase. Meaning, dying less often should be your priority than killing if you want to maintain the K/D ratio.
Chicken dinners will dramatically improve your ratio. The number is more sensitive to the number of deaths than the number of kills. So if I were you, surviving and getting the first position would be my priority.

In a nutshell, get more chicken dinners.